Wednesday, December 17, 2008

On the wings of the mail

I opened my mail last night and found, from Katie Jane, this gorgeous fairy. She will sit on my desk to remind me to fly. At first, I thought she was a dragonfly. I guess dragonflies and fairies have a lot in common.
Be sure to visit Katie Jane's ETSY shop to find her other fairies and beautiful glass works.

Kate included a card with beautiful words to warm my heart.

Here is the picture Andrea painted of Miss Doodle to illustrate these words from her advent calendar: "You cannot prevent the birds of sorrow and grief from flying over your head, but you can prevent them from building nests in your hair."

And look at this fabulous Niki St. Phalle scultpure. Wow. I guess Niki knows about Mom's red heart necklace too!

Kelly sent me a dear card with lovely words from Canada. The painter of this picture is Tom Thomson, a Canadian painter from the turn of the last century. I wonder if he knew Emily Carr? Thank you Kelly. I treasure your words.

Laurel sent me a card of her painting of the cat angel with beautiful words I read over and over. Also, four of her greeting cards made from her paintings. Thank you Laurel. Oops, the snow plow is passing by, because, yes.....we are having a snow storm. :)

Marianne sent me this Sjimmie post card with Christmas glitter and lovely words on the back.

Patti sent this hand-painted card in her wonderful, cheerful style with lovely words inside. I am not quoting the inside words on these cards as I feel that is private to me. But they are all beautiful, poetic and I love to read them over and over. In fact I think I will put them all in a special place and next year on Mom's death anniversary I can reread them as part of a ceremony of remembrance. A big heartfelt thanks and hugs to everyone.

For human being's wonderful poem and other thankyous see this post. For yesterday's post of thankyous click here. Namaste and many blessings to all. Love, suki


~Babs said...

What wonderful gifts from wonderful people!
You are, as you know, most blessed.
Isn't that fairy just gorgeous!!
That Kate is a creative caution,,,,take a look at that card,,so unique!
Treasures all, Suki!

marianne said...

Wow what wonderful gifts you have received in the mail!
Love the dragonfly-fairy!
The other gifts are lovely as well!
You are truly loved by us all.

m. heart said...

beautiful gifts!

Teri said...

Those gifts and thoughts warm the heart,so needed on these short, cold days...and keeps that heart with green little buds, hiding 'neath the snow

You are indeed special and loved

Dianne said...

Dear Suki,
You have received all these beautiful gifts from so many friends, you must feel quite blessed! I love the fairy, she is gorgeous!

get zapped said...

Wow, what a terrific blogging connection. You are blessed. Thank you for sharing these beautiful gifts.


Teri C said...

This outpouring of support is just wonderful to see. And Suki, you deserve each and every one.

Jude said...

Truly treasures!
That angel does look just like a dragon fly. What a wonderful idea to re read the cards next year.

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

wow. all are lovely. How sweet of everyone. Katies fairy is really lovely.
Yes you are well loved.

Mim said...

gosh that fairy is just wonderful -as is everything else.

yes, i am hosting E and E after you - so tell me when to expect the Ovis aries in my neck of the woods!

Honour said...

Wow, suki - look at all this warmth that has flown in (in more than one way) from all over the world to make up for the cold from the ice storm. It is heartwarming that you share the stories of friendship you have developed .... thanks :)

katie jane said...

Suki, you have so many wonderful gifts here! Thank you for your kind word about my fairy. Everyone's gifts are lovely treasures. Such keepsakes.

Lynn said...

I am so happy you are being gifted as it is good for you at this special time. Helping to fill a void maybe a little. I hope.
Hugs from me. ;-)

studio lolo said...

Dear Suki,

In the midst of your storms, both personal and weather related, look at the love that surrounds and warms you from afar. I'm so happy to see this outpouring of comfort!
All of your gifts are lovely. I'm glad you found my words comforting :) As for the cards, I tried to pick out ones you'd like.


Karen Mowrey said...

Suki, even though I find it so natural to send something to a friend in the mail to let them know I am thinking of them I get happy goosebumps when I read posts like this. To see so much beauty and kindness in one post does my own heart good. Thank you for sharing all these wonderful goodies.

Mikes blog said...

So many lovely things on your blog, I am only just realising what a great community blogging friends can be, by the way I hope those two sheep behaved them selves.

sukipoet said...

Babs,you are right. I am truly blessed. That fairy is such an inspiration to me already. She looks like she's contemplating the next step to take. Or maybe just watching the grass grow.

Thank you Marianne, I do feel truly loved and cared for at this somewht bleak time. I feel cheered and heartened by all the kindness.

Thanks M. Heart.

Teri I love what you have said here. The short cold days and the heart with little green buds. So true. We must always remember the green buds beneath the snow.

Dianne, I do feel blessed, heard, and cared for and about.

get zapped, welcome. Isnt the blogworld amazing??? When I tell my non-blogging friends about it they just don't understand. How can you feel so close to folks you've never me. But we do meet here in virtual reality and share our realities with each other, our creativity, our lives, our joy our sadness. Amazing.

sukipoet said...

Teri C. Isnt it all just amazing. Thank you so much.

Thanks Jude. I think rereading the cards will make the memorial of Mom's death special. Not just mom alone, but the world of love and friendship will be recalled.

Cris, I truly feel loved too. Thank you. YOu mentioned in another post wasnt I glad I joined that first big draw, which led me to meet you and lynn and andrea and then expanded somehow into meeting all these wonderful folks. YES!!

Kim said...

Suki, my dear friend, you are so loved. I am so happy these images and words were sent to you and warm your heart. I think you are right to keep those words to yourself...I am private like that, too.

You are so giving, Suki!



sukipoet said...

Mim, I am not sure which day now they are coming here. Is it friday? Oh dear. I had better get out the vacuum. Not to meniton my pen.

Honor, thank you. The friendships themselves are heartening too. So special. Namaste

Katie Jane, keepsakes for sure. My heart is open and warm.

Lynn, thanks for the hugs. I know these wonderful gifts are helping me to feel less alone up here in the wilderness. Less alone and loved.

sukipoet said...

Laurel, you have a away with words. I love your cards, esp the catangel and the tea. But all are wonderful. I am a card maker from years back and have made cards all different ways. I will so enjoy sending your beautiful cards to my dear friends.

Karen, that is so well said: happy goosebumps. I feel that way too. Blessed be.

Mike, I am hoping just the opposite. Am tired of being well-behaved and need a little encouragement to let loose!!!!

Cestandrea said...

It feels so good to look at all these treasures and to know that they make you feel good too!

Annie said...

This is so wonderful. All your cards and gifts are lovely. Please know I am sending love and hugs daily :-).

sukipoet said...

Andrea, they are beautiful and abundant, the treasures of life!

Annie, thank you so much for the kind thoughts and hugs, so important. Have a great trip back home.

San said...

Gorgeous gifts, Suki. You are loved by many.

Stay cozy and bask in the radiance of these blessed offerings. Why, Santa could not have done better.

Lynette said...

Aaah, so many beautiful treasures in this post Suki and I hope you have a Wonderful and Very Merry Christmas!

sukipoet said...

San, you are so right. Santa has been outshined (is that a word?) this year.

Lynette, I hope that you too have a lovely Christmas and enjoy that new camera. I drool with envy. :)