Wednesday, February 26, 2014


I have been away from blogging for awhile.  Have been invaded, in my absence, by posts from newtimesarrived posted by barbrook.  no idea how to get rid of this.  this blog is not on my bloglist so I can't deleted it via manage your blogs.  They have posted thirty or more posts.  I guess this is why folks have prove you are not a robot thingys. If anyone knows the answer please comment.  Thanks, suki

Thursday, January 23, 2014

The 30 Day Journal Project

 I joined Lisa Sonora Beam's thirty day journal project called ROOT.  Lisa sends a daily prompt, inspiring quotes and some words she has to say about the day's theme.  Then I create a journal page from whatever inspires me from reading the prompt. Sometimes I draw out one word.  Today is was Dazzle.
 Yesterday it was about solitude and loneliness.  I made two journals of 15 pages each for this project.  I use acrylics, stencils, markers, glitter. The project has a closed to members only Facebook page where we can share our daily work and thoughts if we want.  It's fun to see what other's are doing.

 For this one I photocopied a picture of me onto vellum.  I am using at least one dragonfly on each page as a mascot to follow me through the month.

 The inspirational quote this day was from Rilke.  "I want to unfold.  Let nothing in me hold itself closed.  For where I am closed, I am false.  I want to be clear in your sight."

 This is the cover of one of the two journals.

I have been making similar journals on my own for several years.  But it is fun to share with others.  Not so alone.  I admit it is hard to be disciplined on a daily basis.  When I work on my own I have a flow of work more natural to my rhythms.  Hope I make it to the end!

Friday, December 27, 2013

Pages from my Journal

 Working on two journals, each made from one 20 by 30" sheet of Strathmore Art Paper.  Acrylic paint, scanned images from family cabinet card photos, buttons, poppy petals, vintage memorabilia.

 Cover for one of them.

 Three paged spread.  Acrylics.  Self-cut stencils.
another two pages spread.  Acrylic.  self-cut stencils.

My notebooks have no theme.  I jump from one image to another.  Instead of doing all winter for example, there is just one winter page.  There is no consistency.  I have noted that real artists seem to either have series or image and technique consistency in their work.  Also, I dont know what the "use" of these things is.  They arent something one would display.  They don't hang on a wall.  What is the point?  I am not sure.  I would like to get back to making things that hang, but am blank on that.

Looking through photos of the artwork I have done through the years I realize I have either thrown away or given away much of it.  Some even sold.  Those I do not regret losing.  The others, I sort of wish I kept just as "evidence" of all the work I have done.  These notebooks just fold up like a book and can be stuck on a shelf.  Canvases take up a lot of space.  Probably partly why I discarded them.

But also, until NOW, I never appreciated my artwork or my writing.  Having a drawing come to the attention of Bottom Dog Press has made me pause and reassess my life time of work.  Curious.  And thinking about that has led me to see that I have not appreciated the people in my life, who have woven with me a beautiful fabric of who I am now.  My family, my friends.  I take everything for granted.  My intelligence, my talent, their intelligence, their talents.

Maybe I can change, and begin to show appreciation for myself and for others, for this life I am living.
Blessings, suki