Friday, October 05, 2007

Moon Robe second (or third?)stage

Awhile ago I posted a picture of my patchwork robe laid out to be glued up. I glued it up before leaving Cape Cod. Y'day had a chance to begin work on adjusting the colors. Acrylic paints used with added powdered pigments such as copper and gold. Still working on the colors. Also as you can see I have defined a "moon" in the center of the robe. Also, the edges are not trimmed yet.
I like the way this moon comes out in the photo. It almost looks like cloth.
The robe is 42"x37". I have clipped it too the blanket door I hung between the garage and workshop. The white will not be there in the end, but don't want to trim it yet. It's handy for hanging the robe whilst in process.


Cris in OR said...

Beautiful Robe. Is that Paper? looks like cloth. What will you do with it when done? Will it be a wall hanging or? Good idea on doing leaves for drawings. cool. you got your color in there too.
I've got my drawing for the day done so now I'm going to go paint with some COLOR. ;)

Cris in OR said...

ok I guess if I just looked at your older blogs I would have gotten all my questions answered. I just let my machine sit here till the photos opened up. havent checked thru all of the months but I will eventually.. At least I got a few questions answered. What I saw was great. I LOVED that pier/beach shack..? House scene. I could happily sit there and stare at the water all day. so pretty. I see why you dont want to move away completely. Anyway I saw the Robe in the beginning and your other work. Great colors.

Elizabeth said...

Lovely rich exotic colours. It reminds me of the costumes in the film "House Of Flying Daggers" (I adore their cotumes, wish I could dress like that everyday!).

Like Friday's drawings too. :-)

sukipoet said...

Hey Cris thanks for yr comments. Yes, I work with paper. In the past I made some robes out of handmade paper that I made myself. They all sold. This one and others I hope to make will hang on the wall. Not sure just how I'll hand them yet. The little shack is on a salt water pond and I just love it too tho have never been inside.

Elizabeth I LOVE those costumes too. and also in another asian movie i saw recently but can't recall the name of. Might have had golden in the title.

ANDREA said...

Hi suki, this robe is getting more and more beautiful, I love the moon! The colours are rich and mysterious. Andrea

Lynn said...

I was just looking at your beautiful robe, so rich looking, such texture when my husband walked by, saw it and said: "Is that a quilt?"