Monday, September 10, 2007

Robe in process

I made two large sheets of patchwork paper and painted one purple and blue and one yellow. I then tore the sheets into strips. Here you see a layout plan for a robe. I want to make a series of robes. Shaman's robe. Poet's robe. And so forth. Once glued down the white underpaper will be removed from the edges. I used interleaving just because I had it but tissue paper works best.


ANDREA said...

Good evening Sukipoet!
This is a great idea, shaman robes, poet's robes! I love the shape and the colours. I am impatient to see the next:)

Elizabeth said...

this is a lovely idea, i like the colours too. Can't wait to see more....

In respense to your comment over on mine, I agree, i think we can write, paint, imagine our futures ... but the big question is: chicken or egg? do we create them from our thoughts, or see what already will be? :-) E