Thursday, October 04, 2007

Turkey field

This is the field in which the wild turkey's graze. Click on the photo to enlarge. VERY hard to get a good turkey picture. I have tried to sneak up on them several times but they scurry away at the least creak of my shoe. I'll keep trying. Maybe I'll have to dress up as a turkey and hid in the trees. That might fool them. The building in the background was built 30 years ago by my brother as his future home. Then he and his wife got divorced and the place, unfinished, has gone to rot. Too bad as I'd love to live in there even though it's small.


ANDREA said...

Oh I can see them I can see them...
This is a photograph which I just choose as background for the computer, it is so special!!!!! I wish I were there. The little house... so fairy-tale like with all those birds (there is a sort of rooster, bigger than the hens, no?)
Love it.
P.S. makes me wonder whether I live the life I want to here in this big city...

Cris in OR said...

Cool shot. We have wild Turkeys around here too. They will walk thru peoples yards. That took me by surprise when we moved here. But right around us they have moved on due to people not locking their dogs up at night. ;(
We do have Canadian geese around us here. Love the sounds of them flying over daily. I got some cool pix of them taking off from our Field once. It is a painting waiting. ;-)

Where IS here .. the shot you took.

Cris in OR said...

PS.. The photo looks like it could have been taken in Ireland. It's so Green there.

Elizabeth said...

could it not make a GREAT studio (with a little wood burning stove) or a great bird-hide for spying on the Turkeys in...?

I cannot fully express HOW jealous I am ;-)

sukipoet said...

Thanks for all your comments. I forgot to remind folks to enlarge the photo to see the birds a little better. Andrea it almost looks to me like one of the turkey's has his tail feathers open. They are a mix of male and female and some babies whatever baby turkeys are called.

Cris the photo is taken in New hampshire and it does look a bit like Ireland here right now. Not sure why as we haven't had much rain. A local cow farmer plants the fields at my mom's farm with alfalfa I think and then cuts it down to feed his cows. My brother owns half the farm and mom the other half.

Elizabeth thanks for the thought of the little cabin as a studio. something to ponder. It is very near a little pond too. Idyllic.

ANDREA said...

Hi Suki,
when I clicked on the photo to enlarge it, the Green jumped right out at me and I said aaaahhhhh;)
I showed the photo to my step-daughter, who went ohhhhhhhhhhhhh.
The little house is so sweet and elfish and you say it has a pond? I'm jealous too!
Have a nice day

Patti said...

It made me laugh to think of you dressing up as a turkey and sneaking up on the 'real' ones. The building sounds very intriguing. Small can be nice.