Saturday, October 06, 2007


This one is in the sidebar too. Notice how it looks distorted in that little space.
All are conte crayon.
Boy, I seem to look unhappy in this one!

Actually I cheated and drew these a couple of days ago. Not crazy about any of them so may try again. I don't think I spend enough time with my drawing, just quick sketches which are ok too. I once took a class in which we did really quick sketches of the model who kept changing positions. Forget what that's called. So, I know quick is good too.


Cris in OR said...

I cant do quick sketches.. I NEED to learn to do quick. I like how you did your self portraits. I looked up my home work from my drawing class ..shocked at how long ago..and had a good laugh at my self portraits. I dont think we do ourselves justice. I love the way you did yours tho. The top one especially. I might try it and see.. not sure I will post it tho. ;)It's just going on 7AM here. Everyone seems to be hours ahead of me. I will have to do my drawing later today.

Elizabeth said...

Goodness you've been busy. I like the freedom and energy of these. I am still going to do a self portrait, as it looks a good fun.

ANDREA said...

These are great, my favourite is the last one, you seem so concentrated and the lines are drawn so lightely without pressure, great work. I'm behind cause I didn't post yesterday's drawing neither the photos of my discovery walk pn Friday, hope to be able to do it today.
I love "short" sketches and have to force myself to do "longer" ones sometimes:)
Have a beautiful sunday,

Patti said...

I love your self portraits. I disagree with 'cris in or' I believe we really DO capture the real self. I have decided I will do another one this year, the last one being in 2005. I read that we should try to do one each year to reflect the new place we are in.

sukipoet said...

thank you all for your encouragement and comments. Re: doing self-portraits, I'd been writing for 20 years and doing no artwork. Then I turned 50 and painted a self-portrait. That reminded me how much I love to paint and I taught myself topaint in oils a bit, then began making paper, binding books, doing collages and pastels and sometimes monoprints. I agree with Patti that it is wonderful to do a self-portrait now and again. things are revealed that we didn't even know we knew. Or know was there.

Cris I think I anyway am 4-5 hours ahead of Oregon time. Is England even possibly a day ahead at times? and Paris in same time zone as England I think.

Lynn said...

LOL I love the concept that England might be "a day ahead at times"...not every day, just sometimes? ;-) Oh perhaps you are right! What do I know?
At what time?
What's the weather like on the cape now? Cold?
I visited there in '86 and '94.
DH just dropped by again and woke me up to when England is "a day ahead"...Okay, I get it. He knows EVERYTHING!
Brave I think to draw a self portrait. Yours are wonderful. Moody. Must have tried this sometime. Think I'll stick to pomegranates & books for now.

sukipoet said...

Lynn. I'm up in New Hampshire right now, which has been very hot for 2 weeks and today is very rainy but still warm. I love it. On the Cape it is most likely a bit cooler, it always is with the sea breeze except in the winter when it's warmer than most places in New England. I don't even know what I meant about England sometimes being ahead but if DH knows what that means--great.