Sunday, January 09, 2011

Tea and talk

After a snow storm yesterday, only about a foot though, today is bright and sunny. My little teapot is full of green tea. The dryer is thumping. A pot of stew for my son is simmering. A good book is to hand. Perfect.

A few other life-notes:

for those who asked, the Dr, who turned out to be a Nurse Practitioner, didnt know what had caused my abdominal problem over the New Year's holiday and he ordered at Cat Scan. I guess this is modern medicine.

Tomorrow is the poetry workshop, Tuesday night is an herbal lecture, Wed is the Cat scan, and Friday night is a musical event at a local church. It could be a busy week.

The plumber came for the bathroom leak and decided the tub needed a new drain and bit of pipe. I hope this is the solution to all the water on the floor for months and months. So far so good.

That's all the news that isn't as Michael Feldstein says on his radio show which I can no longer get up here. I used to listen on Cape Cod. On Saturdays, I can however listen to "Car Talk" and "Wait, wait, don't tell me." Love them.


Marion said...

We got a foot of snow yesterday as took a while to plough. There is a base of a couple of feet, though.

It sounds like a really busy week for you, suki...I'd love to go to an herbal lecture. Hope things go well with the cat scan!

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Sounds like things are getting done around there. Some nice plans to get out & about and I am hoping there is nothing seriously wrong found in the Cat Scan.

Lynn said...

How are your symptoms still the same or gone? Hope CAT scan rules out any problems.

You sure are turning into the social gadabout! Have fun at all those events!!!!

Your tea/stew/book day all sound cozy and warm.

studio lolo said...

It all sounds good Suki. And what a perfect day for vegetable stew.
We only got an inch or so last night and today it's already melting a bit.

Fingers crossed for the CT scan Wed. I think like the other tests it will be clear of anything major. I'm holding those thoughts♥

Enjoy your son's visit, the book and the tea. And the full week!


Lisa at Greenbow said...

It sounds like you have a full week to look forward to. I hope you have good news from the CT scan. A foot of snow would paralize the area where I live. Nothing would be happening for a week. Ha... ENjoy.

patti said...

It's those simple things like a pot of tea that can make our hearts warm. You paint a lovely picture of cosiness.

When I was suffering from depression, I had all sorts of frightening symptoms that turned out to be nothing but psychosomatic. I Had endless tests that all came back clear. I fixed my mental health and have been in perfect health ever since. Although the physical symptoms were very real to me at the time.

Robin said...

This sounds like a lovely day - all round!

And....a busy week ahead! All of the fun things will provide a balance to the catscan! I am hoping (and thinking) that all will be clear.....

Sending you love and many hugs!

♥ Robin ♥

kj said...

hello suki, all this sounds happy and good to me; not your cat scan but i'm betting that out of the way is going to be a nice relief. your week is full and i hope and think your contented heart will follow

layers said...

I love it when an artist sits down and has a cup of tea-- I hope you do not have any health problems-- stay warm.

Tess Kincaid said...

Snow's heading our way too! Stay warm. Hope the scan shows you're fit as a fiddle!

Annie said...

We just got an inch or two last night. I hope you had fun at the poetry workshop and good luck with the cat scan. Have a a very fun week! xoxo

~Babs said...

Sounds like a perfect week, Suki.
I can smell the stew simmering,,,nothing better in this weather.
We only got flurries and a little ice, which is great.Hate when it's measured in feet!
Hoping if anything is found in the catscan that it's an easy fix. Glad you're going, we'll be eager to hear.

Katiejane said...

Suki, I love your full calendar! I hope the weather doesn't prevent you from doing any of these things. Sounds wonderful and I'm glad you are getting out more.
As soon as Old Man Winter passes here I plan on getting out a bunch, too.