Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Flakes are falling on my head

This morning, a near white-out with 8 inches overnight and more to come. I rescheduled my catscan for Sunday. No way I am driving in this!

The poetry group was fun and I met 4 new people. The herb talk was okay. There were about ten people attending. I left after an hour and a half though. Hard chairs and that's about my sitting in place limit. But I am carrying through with the get out and meet people goal.

Unpacking, I rediscovered my Mary Azarian prints purchased many years ago. I hung some on the kitchen cabinets with masking tape. They are rather yellowed. But are original prints pulled from the woodcut.

I finished my page for Kate's round robin book. The theme was nature. I glued ( using acrylic gloss medium) Willow's ginko leaves onto watercolor paper. I used rubber stamps, acrylic paint, glitter and a silver marker.

On the back I used pieces of a leaf drawing I did a few years ago. I drew them with my non-dominant hand (the right hand.) Pen and ink and watercolor. I also copied out a poem about painting.


Robin said...

Suki - you were in my thoughts last night when I heard the Nor'Easter was approaching....and I was hoping you would postpone the catscan. I like picturing you and Bibs, safe and warm, with a mug of soup, watching the snowflakes fall.

I love, love, LOVE that wood cut!!!
It is wonderful and in a stylr that truly resonates with me.

Your pages for the art book are (as usual) wonderful and thought-provoking.... one of the many things I like about your art is that you can lose yourself in's a "daydreamer's" delight!

Love to you and Bibitty,

♥ Robin ♥

Mim said...

it's a doozy of a storm - 12 inches here and still coming down. I'm not venturing out until it stops and then it's snowshoes!

Annie said...

Suki, stay safe and warm! Lovely pages for Kate and the woodcut is charming. So proud of you for getting social, I know how hard it is for us hermits. xoxo

Lynn said...

Wonderful pages love what you did with those leaves!!!! Can't wait to hold it in my hands. (last book you sent arrived yesterday btw, thanks)
So glad you are getting out and about!

The barn looks terrific in that snow! Do stay safe. Good luck with the scan on Sunday.

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Sorry you had to post pone your catscan but best to be safe at home in something like that. Good you are going out and about. Keep it up..When its safe that is. oh and great page for the traveling book. bet its even prettier in person. Here we are sitting in the 50ies now. Nice!!! :)

...louciao... said...

Jeepers! Are we neighbours and don't know it? It almost looks as if you're living up the road from me. I'm hoping that that eastern US seaboard snowstorm blows itself out before crossing the Canadian border. Although, watching a blizzard when one is cozy and warm indoors, and the electricity holds, is pretty special. (Don't tell anyone I said so!)

Lisa at Greenbow said...

You were wise not to get out in this blizzard. I am glad you got out to meet some new people. Sitting a chair for that long isn't good for you anyway. What were they thinking? Your page is great. I love all the texture. Stay safe and warm.

patti said...

Just love your leaf pages Suki, really beautiful! The wood cut is wonderful too, I really like that style of art!

Stay cosy!

kj said...

giggles for this gorgeous storm! i hope you are warm and cozy, suki.

your art is so varied, but always peaceful and respectful. i always think that when i see anything you've done.

be well, suki. happy socializing!

studio lolo said...

I knew the moment I woke up...Suki's not going anywhere in this!! Neither are we :)
What a storm! And it's still snowing lightly here. I did do a store run though, nutcase that I am.

There's nothing like New England in the snow though, like the photo you posted. Is that your brother's house? Such a peaceful setting. But we know what hazards lie under that white blanket!

I love the woodcut, wow. Good idea to hang them where you can enjoy them.

And Suki, the leaves drawn by your non-dominant hand are wonderful! I didn't know you were a southpaw ;)

And getting out is so good for you, for all of us. And it looks like one of your commenters might be near you as well!

I'll be thinking of you Sunday, and it was so nice hearing your sweet voice again ;)


Anonymous said...

Hi Suki,
We had about 20 inches. Forever clearing snow all day yesterday. Your goal of getting out and meeting people... I have done lots of that over the past year. I don't let people into "my space" that easily, but I have managed to make a few new friends. Nice, considerate, reliable friends... oh! and they are creative too!

Tess Kincaid said...

I love the snowy barn pic! And the ginkgo leaves look quite happy with their lovely new surroundings!

Stay warm, my friend. x