Thursday, January 06, 2011

My page for Mim traveli in the traveling art journal

I was puzzled for awhile as to what to do. Mim's theme is colors and patterns. This has a Japanese flavour. I must have wanted a neat and tidy page. The two ATC cards have haiku on the back and can be removed. The border is made from paper I put together. You glue strips of different papers either horizontally or vertically then cut in the opposite direction to get all these little squares.

Back of the ATC cards.

Back of the page. Sending on to Lynn Fri unless snowed in.

Made with paper scraps, rubber stamps, gold marker pen.


marianne said...

Wow It looks gorgeous!!!!!

I hope you are feeling better!
Do you?
Please take good care of yourself;)


patti said...

Beautiful colours! I love the Japanese theme.

I hope you are feeling better too Suki.

Lynn said...

I love how the ATCs look like little kimonos. I can't wait to see it in person. I also like the Japanese stamp you used. Nicely done front and all the details.

Yes, are you well now? Did you see the Doc? Obviously caring minds want to know. ;-)!♥♥♥

Robin said...

Suki, this is GORGEOUS! Mim will adore it! The colours, the textures, the patterns....and the beautiful Haiku poems.....(I know Lo will adore the first one...)
But they both resonate with me!
(What did OP think? Being the "Haiku-Master"!)

Beautiful work..... I hope you continue to feel better....

Oh...saw "Coco Before Chanel" was ok....but not as powerful to me as "Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky"...

And....yes, I FINALLY made that recipe with potatoes and brussel sprouts....too rich for me....but I did get the portions correct! THANK YOU!

Stay warm....I hear more snow is on the way!


♥ Robin ♥

Mim said...

it's gorgeous and with me going to work now for a Japanese company - so pertinent and timely. I can't wait to get it in person.
Hope you are feeling better...

studio lolo said...

I love the way you put things together. The colors are always so harmonious and yummy!
It's nice to see you creating.

And I did hear we're getting more snow. I think we'll get the worst of it again this time. For some reason NH is being spared a bit. I'll send you the automatic weather update we get via the net.

Stay well and cozy. Maybe bundle up in those cute jammies ;)

and YES, I do love that first haiku!


...louciao... said...

How absolutely delightful!

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

It's lovely. Seems to be perfect for her right now too. Love the colors & the stamps.. all of it actually. :))

Teri C said...

It's just beautiful Suki and amazing how it matches her life right now.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Wow Suki, your muse was smokin on this creation. Wow. I love the haiku atcs. Marvelous addition. This piece feels so lively yet pulled together.

Marion said...

Hope you're feeling better now, Suki...ulcers are no picnic, for sure.

This is really lovely...I love Japanese themes. It sounds perfect for Mim right now.

Happy New Year, Suki...I hope it's a wonderful year for you!

layers said...

I love the Japanese kimonos- so colorful.. and Mary Oliver is one of my favorite poets as well. and I do love to wrap boxes in brown paper.