Tuesday, January 04, 2011


I have always loved poetry. A Child's Garden of Verses by Robert Louis Stevenson was one of my favorite childhood books. Once I could print, I began writing my own verses in a ring-bound notebook. As you can see, the pages of Stevenson's book were not sacred to my altered book persona. LOL. I still own this book.

As my regular readers will have noted, I still occasionally write poems. Sometimes for inspiration I read books about writing poems. This is one of my current reads, both authors are poets. I have signed up to attend a 6 week poetry workshop beginning next week. I hope to meet some friends who love books, writing and poetry.

Of course I read the work of professional poets. I love Mary Oliver who lives on Cape Cod. I have heard her read in person several times. One time was on my birthday. I asked her to sign my copy of American Primitive.

Thanks, Mary.

Through the years I have had a number of poet friends who send me their poems. P.Y. often sends handwritten poems accompanied by a sketch. Here though she has sent a zerox of her poem published in a literary magazine. She has had many single poems published, but not a chapbook or manuscript.

My friend Mort and I had a long-distance romantic relationship. We met in person a number of times too. Poetry was his life, how he defined himself. He had a number of chapbooks published by Kent, Ohio presses. Here is one he wrote about our romance.

Often he too sent me poems, freshly minted or older, written on scraps of paper. I have them all saved in acid proof sleeves in an album devoted to him. He died in 1998.

My friend old pajamas writes haiku and tanka. His wonderful book Biting the Buddha is still available for sale. Check out his blog for new poems and details on ordering his book.

And there has been exciting news from Willow, who often publishes her poems on her blog. She is one of ten semi-finalists in a chapbook competition held by The Finishing Line Press. All semi-finalists will have their poems published in a chapbook. The first place winner will be announced this spring. Her post about the award explains the origin of the term chapbook. In case you wonder. Cheers Willow!!!


Lynn said...

I am excited for you taking the six week course! Do enjoy it Suki, I know you will.

And Mort wrote a beautiful poem about a beautiful woman/soul.
Thanks for sharing.

And thanks for sharing your little girl writing...and the other poems and news items as well...all equally enjoyable.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Suki, you lucky dog getting to do a poetry course. It will be so much fun. You will meet new people and be uplifted. I can't wait to see the results of your course.

How romantic to have a Mort in your life. He certainly knew you.

I will have to check out Willow's blog. I hope she gets in.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

P.S. You have met and heard Mary Oliver. I would have been stupified. I wouldn't have known what to say. I just love her poetry.

Anonymous said...

Suki, I too loved the RLS book and grew up on it, and another that I still have, the name of which I cannot remember. Writing poetry is such a relief and I do so hope you find the classes exhilerating, stimulating and meet some lovely, like-minded people. Happy new year, and all the best for 2011.

patti said...

The course will be just great Suki, enjoy! Lucky you meeting Mary Oliver!

I loved seeing your first poetry book written in your childish hand!

jill zaheer said...

Loved reading about your joy for poetry. The Robert Louis Stevenson book was also one of my favorites as a child that I would read over and over again. Loved that it was a large thin book- so easy to enjoy. My mom used to give me poetry books- which probably started my interest too in poetry- my favorite being a book of poems by Sarah Teasdale. Good luck with your poetry class and wishing you a wonderful new year!

Tess Kincaid said...

I was reading along, savoring this delicious poetry post and then was so surprised to see my own name at the end! Thanks for the mention, Suki!
You are going to love the poetry course. Can't wait to hear all about it.

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Happy you are going to take a six week course where you will met like minded people around you. Its good to get out and about like that. How romantic to have someone writing poetry for you. Sad he died so young. I take it he was young...

~Babs said...

I know you'll enjoy that course,,,if for nothing more than being with like minded people, and the companionship that brings.
You know I love your poetry,,,it's among the very Top Ten of things Suki does best, in my view.
You are able to say so much with so few words.
Sad that Mort left this plane, but how wonderful to have had him!
I'll have to run by Willow's and say my congrats,,,,,super!

(glad your ailment is easing up, and you're getting tests. Sounds much like gall bladder to me,,,and that's an easy fix! Been there.)

Annie said...

So happy to hear about the class, good for you Suki! I love poetry too, but never try to actually write it :).
Glad that you are feeling better...

sukipoet said...

babs, thanks for the gall bladder tip. I hadnt thought of that! For some reason I feel i have to diagnose my own ailments. I'll read up on GB and see what I think.

Mort died at age 52 one month after my dear friend Richard who I lived w/for 6 years who died at 48.

studio lolo said...

Seeing your name in child scrawls made my heart stop. How wonderful you still have that book. And yes, it sure looked like altered journals was in your future! I never owned a book as a child nor had I ever had anyone read to me.

I love the line in Mort's ode to you, "A pulse of coming April."

RLS, Mary Oliver~both faves of mine as well.

And now you're off to be inspired by other poets and to inspire them.

It's all good Suki ;)

Oh, and congrats to your friend Willow!!


Robin said...

How lovely you kept that childhood book...with your baby-handwriting..... a lovely memory to have.

Mort must have been such a joy to have in your life! Poetic men are real treasures.

I am so proud of you for enrolling in the poetry class! You truly have a feel for this....(as does the wonderful Willow) and I know you will meet some new like-minded friends!


♥ Robin ♥

p.s. Glad you are eating again! ♥♥

Katiejane said...

I've know how much you enjoy poetry and I think the poetry course sounds exciting. One of my favorite poets is Rod McKuen. I have several of his books of poetry, some dating back to the
I love how you've kept so many of your handwritten gifts. So special.
Enjoy your class and I hope you link up with someone!

Anonymous said...

Stevenson's book was a favorite of mine when I was a child, too.