Thursday, October 07, 2010


dedicated to Blue Sky Dreaming and her series of accepting autumn paintings


First, a Hansa yellow morning sky
then, on the drive home, a rainbow.

The too sweet taste of Pistachio meringue.
A whiff of fear.

Hair falling to the floor, snip, snip.
Rustling leaves drifting: a gypsy whirl.

This birthday gives pause. This one.
Both feet in autumn now.

What was thought known is now unknown.
I am solitary, banished, exiled.
Bare and thin, my branches face the chill.

Your winter fire will warm me.

for more Magpie Tales poems and stories using the above photo as a prompt see Magpie Tales.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

I like your poem Suki. I can see those locks falling like autumn leaves.

Lynn said...

Wow Suki, this gave me chills. Literally!

Liza said...

"Both feet in autumn now"

I love this piece.
Thanks for sharing.

secret agent woman said...

I like the feel of this one - so accepting.

studio lolo said...

Very moving Suki. A couple of lines really struck a chord with me.

Have we missed your birthday? I seem to recall you're an autumn child.


Robin said...

I love this.....and uh, oh....I have the feeling Lo is right....are you an October girl too?


♥ Robin ♥