Thursday, July 01, 2010

Thunderous wind tunnel and roar

This is one of five high powered fans that blow 24 hours a day drying out the moisture from a washing machine cause flood. In the background you can see where they cut out some of the wallboard that was damp. They said I could turn off the fans at night but I and the cats have slept at my brother's house each night.

There are 3 dehumidifiers. These cannot be turned off. We spent yesterday at home but by evening the noise and vibrations were just too intense. Cumulative effect. Today I and cats are staying all day at my brothers, including the night of course. He is away.

It took me about 5 minutes to figure out how to turn on his shower. I still havent been able to work his DVD player. I have also tried playing a DVD in my computer but it also doesnt seem to work. Oh well. They will come and get these drying out machines on Friday, then we can return home.

Meanwhile, yesterday a farm machine got tangled up in the phone and cable lines which ended up twisted together, with one line drooping somewhat. I thought they were the electric lines and the electric company came quickly out but he said no, phone lines. So the phone company came this morning an untangled the lines.

I checked to see if mercury was in retrograde, but no. Poor kitties have hardly eaten since it all began they are so upset by the changes. We may have to evacuate again in the future when they tear up some of the floors.

Have a happy July 4th. I have no plans. What are yours?


willow said...

Oh, my, Suki, what next?! That looks like one mother-of-a fan! Hope all is back to normal for you soon, my friend.

m. heart said...

Wow, that must have been quite the flood.
No big plans this weekend except catching up on sleep and setting up the tent again, for practice ; )

Teri and the cats of Furrydance said...

Oh my...those 'green monsters' sure bring back memories for me...but man, do they work! Glad the damage is getting taken care of and hope you can get back to 'normal' soon...

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Good thing you have somewhere to go. That would drive me nuts too. But soon it will be back to normal. Plans are seeing a dear blogging friend this weekend. care to guess who? clue is.. shes got the wettest feet. lol

Robin said...

Ah, Suki, we have both had an emotional week.... I am happy that you and the Cats went to your brother's to escape what has to be dreadful, stressful noise. (And, even better that brother is away.)

I do think those huge fans really wotk, though...and hopefully by tomorrow, you and the Furballs will be able to move back in.

I will be working (for free) at the de Young on Sunday. Holidays are pretty painful for me these days.

Tomorrow - final Opera of the Summer Season....("La Fanciulla" - the one with Whizkid, the horse.)

Will e-mail you this weekend....

Love and STRENGTH,

♥ Robin ♥

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Friday will be such a relief...the constant roar of these fans can nearly make your brain ache. Hope the weekend will bring normal summer sounds and sights.Your pond is beautiful.
We are going to a neighborhood BBQ, I'm less interested but Pablo likes mixing with people. Happy 4th of July!

Lynn said...

OY VEY!!!! My boxes are easier than your noisey fan! House disruption is not fun, however boxes are at least quiet even though they take up a lot of space and make walking around or finding anything not so easy! I hope your problems of hearth and home get back to normal very soon.

On the 4th I'll be with dear old friends in Glide, OR. On the 3rd I'll be lunching with Cris and Con!
Excited for our third meeting!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry for all the chaos. Poor you and the kitties. For Canada Day we went to a national park and historic site.

patti said...

There is an end in sight Suki, soon all will be back to normal again. Hang in there!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

A friend of mine has had to do this same routine with the fans and dehumidifiers. It is a pain. I hope you and your kitties are back to normal soon. We are going to this friends house for a pool party and grill out Sunday. They have a party every 4th, rain or shine. I can remember only one 4th that was too cool to swim and one
4th that was too hot to swim. Ha. This year it should be just right. I hope you have a pleasant weekend planned. Are you going to watch some fireworks?

Annie said...

Good luck with all that Suki, poor kitties, cats don't like change, glad you get to go home tomorrow.
I have no plans, I hate the 4th of July, my least favorite holiday, all the firecrackers scare my animal boys.
Have a good one just the same.

studio lolo said...

Looks like the 4th of July noise has already begun for you and the kitties. I'm with Annie, cats hate change. I'm glad you'll be back in your space for the weekend and the kids can enjoy a few meals before the next round.

The 4th is also my least favorite holiday. Too much noise and drunk drivers and the like. If we find something to do it will most likely be a cookout at our friend's house down the street.
Emma has never experienced firecrackers, cherry bombs and other obnoxious missles. I'm not looking forward to her pending seizures. The neighbors have been setting off bottle rockets for a week now!
We never heard a peep while we were in CA.
This too shall pass!

Whatever we do, let's stay safe and have a peaceful holiday ;)


sukipoet said...

Annie, I love the colors and lights of firecrackers but hate the bangs.

Anonymous said...

At least your brother is away and you have a place to escape to.

I just found out through Facebook that my Uncle is coming to town TODAY! My family keeps me in the dark sometimes. No big plans this weekend. Maybe a parade on Sunday with my nieces.

Kim said...

Wow, Suki, what an ordeal. I am so sorry you have had this issue. I can't even begin to think what it is like to have that roar going on all the time. I have to say I really prefer your trips to the pond :-) I am sure you probably feel the same way.

I hope it all goes away soon and you can have a nice holiday weekend. Me? I am lucky, we will have a little cookout here with our children, their significant others and one cute little puppy.

Julie said...

This makes me remember when my pipes burst behind my kitchen cabinets...had to have all new kitchen done. It is all crappy. I'm so sorry for this problem. I hope you can enjoy a patriotic concert on TV or some fun thing like that, at a minimum! I think on the 4th, I will be home with Doozey dog trying to keep her calm with the darn fireworks! Best wishes for a speedy repair for you!