Friday, July 02, 2010

chakra wonder woman

This chakra bracelet was made by Lesley McIver of Glitz Art Glass in New Zealand. I have wanted one for several years and so when I began my chakra journal I ordered this from her. She handcrafted the beads. The spacers are silver.

As soon as I got it several days ago I began wearing it, to remind me to stay open and breathe. It is my Wonder Woman bracelet and will deflect all negative energies. It represents my independence and strength and my desire to be a contributing, healing citizen of the world.

Soulbrush mentioned she'd like to see this photo of Mom again. For my new readers, this photo was taken a couple of weeks before Mom died. The red heart necklace was also made by Lesley McIver and I bought it for Mom's 92nd birthday and gave to her early. She died four days before her birthday.

Lesley also makes Beads of Courage for children with cancer. The children receive certain colors and style of beads for each procedure they go through. Check out Lesley's blog to read about Roy who has over 800 beads. Then scroll down one post to read about the Beads of Courage program.


m. heart said...

Fabulous bracelet! I'm headed over to check out Lesley's site, sounds very inspiring.

I'm glad you keep posting that photo of your mom, it's so sweet. I like to see it too, and to be reminded of your intuition in giving that heart to your mom early.

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Wear your bracelet all the courage you need to be and especially enjoy this summer!
Glad you are back home.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

This bracelet glows with energy.

Julie said...

It is a beautiful bracelet! She does exceptional work!

marianne said...

Oh wow I love Lesleys beads! I would love to buy one one day!
I have admired her chakra beads for a long time
Good you bought one for yourself and connected such a powerful meaning to it!

have a powerful weekend Suki!

studio lolo said...

I love your strong pose ;)

The bracelet is wonderful Suki. I'm glad you treated yourself!

I'll head over to her blog. The work she does sounds very heartfelt.

Enjoy your quiet 4th ;)

Marion said...

I love the pose you have struck to show off that beautiful bracelet. I can actually feel the energy it releases.

I have a necklace made of beads in the chakra colours. I wear it every day, especially when I visit the hospital or the senior's care centre. Every patient's eye is drawn to the is very popular with them. And I feel really good and strong wearing it!

Robin said...

What a beautiful photo of your Mum... many thanks for reposting it. I can see YOU in her...

I love the Chakra bracelet! And, I LOVE the photo of your fist wearing the bracelet....powerful, passionate...PIPPI!

It shows, as I said, you ARE tossing your fear back into the wind!


♥ Robin ♥

Kim said...

Oh Suki, you decided on which one! That is wonderful and so beautiful. I love my chakra bracelet so much and receive many compliments on it no matter where I go. It absolutely does give you courage and reminds you to stay the course with what is right for you while staying open to all the possibilities. You are going to love this piece for the rest of your life! I know I will.

As you know, I can't say enough about Lesley's work. Don't tell her I said this (tee hee), but I think she and toy boy are the Queen and King of Golden Bay! With this bracelet, you are going to be the Queen of your area, too!

Rock On, My Friend!

Annie said...

Suki, Your mom is so beautiful. I always love seeing this photo. Wonderful bracelet. I think it is a good thing to buy treats for ourselves.
You are a Wonder Woman and Pipi rolled up in one :-).

Claudia said...

Thank you for visiting my blog again!
Kind regards from

Cathie said...

I so remember this sweet picture. Funny I should visit when you're showing it again. It touches me so because it reminded me so much of the Christmas gift I bought my mom. I bought her a coo coo clock that played Beatles songs on the hour. I bought it for her two months before Christmas as it was the "perfect" gift. She died November 5th. I never got to give it to her. It now hangs in my room.

Cathie said...

Beautiful bracelet. I hope you it brings you "super powers!"

patti said...

Looks like something fairies might dance around - Full of magic!!

Andrea said...

Hi Suki
wonderful bracelet, I specially like this one, when I saw it on lesley's site!!
Thanks for your funny comment on the 4 million year old ladyskull, lol

have a great day,
greetings from paris

Teri and the cats of Furrydance said...

Oh, your bracelet even makes me feel strong and good! It's beautiful and I bookmarked Leslie's blog. Thank you for sharing it. And that photo of your mom is one filled with love and would be the first thing I would grab if there was a's just one of those kind of things that keeps love alive.