Saturday, June 05, 2010

Art and Food: what more could a person want!

It was supposed to thunder and storm today and it did in the very early morning. But then the skies cleared so I took a chance and drove 45 minutes to Keene. Going bonkers here at home.

The farmers' market was happening. Small at this time of year. Mostly greens and radishes, soap and granola. Plants for the garden. I bought some spinach, radishes and bok choy.

Here is the main street. Two long rows of shops and restaurants. Lots of people were walking the street today. I loved being among them, I am so often solitary.

The annual Art Walk was happening. Various shops lend their display windows to local artists to exhibit their work. So, you can just walk up and down Main Street and it's like being at an art show. The art shown here is by Janette Schuster who makes found object art and jewelry. She has also published a book about making jewelry--Mixed-Media Collage Jewelry: New Directions in Memory Jewelry. I've seen her work before and find it amazing. See her website here.

Ella Lesatele works in acrylics creating portraits in front of a decorative background design. I enjoyed watching her paint. I really liked the contrast between the portrait, sometimes in black and white, and the background. See her blog here.

A few other artists were painting and drawing in front of their exhibits. I also stopped in at the Mondadnock Fine Art Gallery. The hit of air conditioning was nice as it was very, very, humid outside.

Then, a yogurt for lunch and back home I scooted.

(artist photos posted with permission of the artists)


Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Looks like a fun day. Nice to get out amongst people. Did you buy plants or food to eat right now. We are growing spinach and its fun and grows fast. You just need a lot of the plants to get a meal out of it if you steam it. lol
Interesting painting in checks.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

What a wonderful day. So much inspiration.

Annie said...

Sounds like you had a great day.
Glad to see you happy.

susandmcl said...

And thus a lovely-sounding A Scooty Suki day-- yay!! Glad the weather cooperated and that you found yourself happy to be amongst some humanoids, too!

...louciao... said...

Nice to get out and about amongst the living, feeling new energy, and being inspired by the sights and colours. I must try it some time.

Lynn said...

I too am glad you ventured out and that the weather was reasonable if humid. At least the artists were able to paint outdoors. How fun to see all that.
It sounds like a really pleasand day trip for you! You must do more this summer.

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

What a great Main St., a fun walk with or without the art. Glad the weather cooperated and you got to have a fun outing!

Cynthia Pittmann said...

What a beautiful day in the fresh air, Suki! I went to a Farmers Market on Friday so I can relate to your experience. Love the photo of you on the sidebar- the one with the red hat! What a joy it is to feel your happiness!

~Babs said...

Sounds like a perfect scene, yep,,,,food and art.
I really enjoyed the links.
Glad you had this opportunity today.

Your sidebar dream sounds more a nightmare.

kj said...

Hello suki, happy to hear about your happy day.

The best thing about where live is this time if year: farm stands, farmer's markets, all shades of green.

Thank you for everything, suki. I love what you do....

Sometime I want to know about the books you've had published

love love

old pajamas said...


Very glad you got out and about. I fondly remember our 'tour' together. Happinesss.....pajamas

Robin said...

Suki, what a fun day you much to comment on: I ADORE the Raven.... isn't it amazing how these little guys keep popping up, be it a real one or an artistic version...(Renee is smiling as I wrote that!) The town looks so charming to me.... and look....parking places - on a Saturday! Sigh....The artists work is so lovely...and how wonderful to live where there are so many! (Yourself included!)

Radishes....I love them....but haven't seen any here yet...

And.....BRAVA to you for defying the thunder and rain and getting "out there" - I have spent a lot of the past year living in isolation too....and being among people is really healthy and uplifting!

Sending you many hugs!


♥ Robin ♥

Ah, the new header.......GORGEOUS!

Julie said...

Oh, I just love when Farmers Markets or greenmarkets are done in a setting like this...along an area of shops! What a fun way to spend time. Looks like you met some many neat artists too! How awesome!!!

patti said...

What a great day you had! Loved seeing Ella Lesatele at work. Being out and about with art and food for company IS good for the soul!

studio lolo said...

Hi Suki,

First of all, wow on that daisy header!! Wait till Teri sees it.
I also love that raven on tha wall ;)

That sidebar dream is hysterical!!
Our subconscious minds are always at work!

I wish I could have wandered the streets with you. I would have enjoyed it. I'm going to check out the artist links.

My ex-husband and I used to hike to the top of Monadnock~one of our favorite haunts! Of course I was adorable and in VERY good shape back then! Today I'd stay at the bottom and wait ;P

I'm glad you got out for a bit of company and inspiration. It does a body good.


Katiejane said...

What a fun day! It's good to get out and see what's happening in the rest of the world. I love days like this, where I can wander at my leasure and take in the sights. We have rain right now and high, high humidity, but if it lets up later I plan to visit an art show this afternoon. Thanks for taking us along with you.

Kim said...

Suki, this sounds like a fun day in beautiful New England. I can imagine the heat and humidity as we have really had some brutal days down here, too. I am just waiting for some storms to give us a bit of relief! The art show sounds like a lot of fun and you found some lovely artist. Farmer's Markets are just getting going here in the northeast, but strawberries will soon be in season and that will be wonderful.

I am glad you had a wonderful day.

soulbrush said...

this is such a lovely place to be when one needs to be out of the house.only one yoghurt for lunch?

kikipotamus said...

I'm so glad you got yourself OUT when you were going bonkers. What a nice day!