Monday, June 07, 2010

A bit of this and a bit of that


My small vegetable patch. Tomatoes and basil.

A small portion of my bro's large garden.

My lunch today, BBQ'd chicken

Cooked in my new BBQ grill. Purchased when the bottom fell out of my little Hibachi, purchased three years ago for Mom and I. I love the shape and concept of the Hibachi. I think in the old days they used to be made of sturdy metal. The one that burned through was made of a very light pot metal. I'm sort of proud of this new one, with a lid and all. I feel like a regular grownup person.


~Babs said...

Suki, that chicken looks awesome!
I've never been much at grilling,,,,but looks like you sure have it down pat!

Lynn said...

You are such a funny gal! Love it, all grown up!
Your lupines are to die for!!!! So tall. And you'll have veggies.
Bro is cool with you staying to eat them?

Robin said...

Ah, those Lupines.... when I began my blog ("waaay back" in March), I believe I posted about Lupines... all of the ones I have seen here in SF are solid lilac in colour - yours in lilac and white are so fresh and happy!

The BBQ chicken - yummy! Wish I was there to share the meal, walk the lovely country side!And, grilled peppers are the best!


♥ Robin ♥

willow said...

That chicken looks delicious! Love your sweet little garden patch. Your brother's is quite impressive!

Your new daisy header is so friendly!

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Love the two toned lupin.. Beautiful. Funny how a new thing like a grill makes one feel better about life. But it does. Makes one delicious looking cooked chicken.

m. heart said...

I bought a little grill like that several years ago and was very excited because it was red!

Great Lupines! They seem to be taller this year than ever before (unless I'm getting shorter!)

sukipoet said...

Lynn, my bro rarely talks to me about what he thinks or how he feels. At the moment i am paying him rent to stay here. However, although I planted the tomatoes, it is okay by me if I am not here by the time they ripen. In fact, I'd like to be gone by then.

The gorgeous lupine by the way is in his garden. My lupines are a pale lilac color and one toned.

Kim said...

Suki, I love your little corner of the springtime. I am glad you purchased the grill for yourself as it seems as though you are quite the grill master! I, too, hope you are gone by the time the tomatoes ripen. It sounds like that is a very good plan.

studio lolo said...

I have only grilled a couple of times in my life, and yes, on a little hibachi!
Now that we're in the season of grills going every day I long for my own and I want to learn the finesse of it all.
I'm afraid of propane but I don't want to use briquettes and lighter fluid~too toxic.

I'll just have to learn to operate a small gas grill. I'll put my big girl pants on :)

That Lupine is beautiful (and your poem is still resonating with me.)

♥ Laurel ♥