Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A wonderful trip

Here is the poem I wrote for the writer's group.


Too often I see a plum as a lemon
though I love lemons,
the antibiotic juice, the color,
the shape in my hand.

When I learn that someone else desires
that which I desire
my laissez-faire attitude dissolves.
I salivate, taste the sweetness
of the plum, long for its juice and
grainy flesh.
Still wary, my tongue holds back the pit.

Then, my trimmed nails sharpen into claws,
my teeth gnaw the pit which I spit into my hand
ready to plant in the soil.
Is this greed?
Does it matter who wins the plum?
Does it matter what catalyst to action at last
propels me?
Loved being on the Cape. Didn't buy a house. Had a fun time with D. and K. walking the beaches, preparing for a dinner party, zipping around the back roads in a Masda Miata with the top down.

So many blessings.

Top two photos: Osterville, Mass. Third: bowl of veggies for the dinner party


Teri C said...

Fabulous poem Suki! I love it and i bet the group did also.

Sounds like such a fun vacation you had. Good to 'see' you back.

Cestandrea said...

Suki, love this poem. So, if someone would want a house you find likeable, would you go for the house?:)

Annie said...

Love the poem and the photos. Have you thought about perhaps renting in the cape and then you can take your time looking for that perfect house? I see you at the Cape, you are always so happy there.

Lynn said...

Your poem starts off in a way that felt like your reluctance to commit (to house buying)...or maybe I am reading too much into it? Great poem!!!!
Love the shots of the town too. I'm glad you had such a good time there.

Debbie in CA : ) said...

Glad to hear you had a wonderful vacation on The Cape.

Wishing you the courage to live each day as it comes without the constant battle raging on: "to buy or not to buy."

Home is where you hang your heart. No signing on the dotted line needed . . .

I pray you begin to relax and LIVE each day. I love the photo of the veggies -- life is art. Life is all we can hold in our hand this moment; it does not require a commitment . . . it merely is there to be taken and tasted and enjoyed.

Drop the plum, drop the lemon . . . dance without gnashing teeth. Live. enJOY.

Prayers for you, my sweet friend.

~Babs said...

A super poem,,easy to read a lot into it in our own lives also. I think that always makes for good poetry,,,like a good painting.
Awesome photos,,,as always. Glad you enjoyed your time away.

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

I agree with everyone I too read YOU in that the poem. I feel you are happiest at the Cape. I LOVE that bicycle shot with the pink flowers in the basket. Very Charming.

katie jane said...

I love your bicycle photo. The area looks so inviting. Like Annie, I too wondered if you could rent while looking. Looking takes so much time. We spent two years renting and looking before we found the house we are in now. You have to find the right match. It's out there, and I think it is probably on the Cape. So glad you had a nice getaway.

soulbrush said...

do write some more of these, very entertaining, and so great to have you back again, with or without the house.

patti said...

Great poetry Suki - it shows that you are hungry and thst can only be a good thing!

Renting on the Cape does sound like a good idea. You had such a good time there.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

The bike is enjoying the garden as well as I am enjoying the poem. Glad you had a good time.

Jude said...

Poem is lovely, photos are great...home??

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Welcome back from Cape Cod and I read you are back to packing your outdoor studio!
Glad you had a good are great and poem strong with meaning.

kj said...

whoa! what a poem, suki. it has strong legs.

these shots are beautiful.

i can see how much you love the cape. i'm here now. oh the ocean air. it reconfigures my mental wiring.


Teri and the cats of Furrydance said...

How did I miss visiting you this week? Don't know but it was a nice visit today, love the pinks, the poem-yes, houses and plums are coveted and your holiday "with the top down" sounded so fun and full of smiles!

human being said...

oh... the change in the last stanza really moves the reader...

is this greed?
and then after those rhetoric questions, one wonders what is greed after all...

the poem powerfully convinces us when there is growth, the motivation does not matter...

hmmm... something to chew on more...