Thursday, July 09, 2009

Random thoughts

Lovely flowers on this property. The homeowners return tonight. I will stay through Sunday and attend a writer's group on Friday night.

In Bourne, next door to 217 where I lived for 20 years, the town has turned a vacant lot into the entry to walking trails in the conservation land behind the house. So lovely. You know I lived in the house for so many years yet never walked on those trails.!

I may have said already, but the house was purchased by an old home renovator from Western Mass. He is slowly turning this into a lovely house. I am so thrilled to see the progress. The inside needed mega work. It was built in 1779.

A carved tree stump at a local cafe where I met my friends to chat. The weather has turned chill and overcast again. Blessings and thanks for everyone's comments. Suki


studio lolo said...

I can feel your spirit settling on the Cape Suki.

It seems to suit you.

It's funny how we seldom explore our own back yards until we move away ;)

Annie said...

What a sweet house. Am I understanding right, that you lived there at one time? it is early in the morning and I get confused easily :-).

San said...

Such a gentle setting. And you are finding your roots, Suki, in that gentle setting, along with the flowers.

That tree stump is a work of art. :-D

~Babs said...

Oh, I want that teacup!

Wonderful that the house is being restored, and not torn down to make way for new.Too much of that goes on,,,,in my opinion.

Paula said...

Bourne as in the bridge?????? I'd not thought about that in years.

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

The greens are so green...beautiful. Glad you feel this trip was a good one...enjoy your writers group.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

A lovely area Suki. There are places here in our community that are very historical and I have yet to go look at them after living here 15years. Sometimes we take for granted our own backyards.

soulbrush said...

you've had a rough ride these past few months, hope you can see 'the light at the end of the dark tunnel' now.

willow said...

That tree stump carving is amazing!!

katie jane said...

And here I thought you were back home in NH again! This cottage is exactly like our first house! I was so comfortable in that house and I can see why you loved it so.

Definately love those walking trails next door. Did you walk them this time?

That teacup! What a clever way to carve that old tree.

sukipoet said...

annie i lived there for twenty years however it was in way shabbier shape then.

thanks San. My roots seek soil and water for sure.

babs, I think it is a rare person who restores wrecks of houses.

sukipoet said...

Paula Bourne as in the bridge and also the town which was named after the Bourne sisters ancestors.

Blue Sky, thanks, I will. Everything is so green as we have had lots of rain here. Day after day.

Lisa, I sure took my back yard for granted when I lived there. But not the front and across the street which takes you to the marsh where I went many times.

sukipoet said...

soulbrush, the only thing blocking the light is my own mind.

Willow, I love such tree stump carvings.

katie jane, i didnt walk the trail this time, wet and in a hurry.

patti said...

Those flowers remind me of summer raspberries and blueberries!

I find the plaque re: Bourne Sisters interesting - I may be related via my husband!

The house is just beautiful, I'm glad someone is giving it some tender loving care.

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Oh love that first photo. Love the colors. Nice house I bet it was fun to live in. Glad you're getting to stay a little longer.

Lynn said...

Such a beautiful place. Funny how we travel all over to see sites but often don't discover our own backyards.
Now you can walk the trails...never too late.
Love the carved tree!
And that ice cream truck is cute too.
Enjoy the writing group, know you will.
thanks for sharing the photos.

Artist Unplugged said...

That is an adorable house and the area sounds lovely. The carving from the stump is really neat! Hopefully soon you can make that leap of faith to home ownership!

kj said...

it all looks so beautiful, suki. i think the answer is peeking through all that beauty.



marianne said...

Lovely pictures.
It seems like this is your place to live.
Pllllease don't give up searching there!

Take care and enjoy your stay!

kj said...

dear friend, there is an award waiting for you on my blog. please come....