Tuesday, December 09, 2008


Some of the things I derive comfort from. Sitting by the gas fire.

A cup of hot cocoa made with vanilla soy milk.

Hugging a hot water bottle.

Wearing my handmade (not by me) slippers

Sitting in Dad's recliner.

What brings you comfort when you are feeling sad or upset or other wise discombobulated?


Anonymous said...

Suki ~ thinking about you

Kim said...

Good Morning Sweet Suki,

This is a lovely post and I find many of the same things comforting. I prefer tea to cocoa (but I love B&G Organic products, I have to say), I love a warm fire, a comfortable chair with a blanket or my precious handmade shawl (like your slippers), I suppose I would also add my journal and some soft music.

I am glad you have found things which bring you comfort as I am sure you are cycling in your emotions right now. I hope you are continuing to be very kind, gentle and patient with yourself these days.

I also have to say, selfishly, I am very happy you are writing here. I look forward to hearing from you.

Now wrap a blanket around your shoulders and feel the love of all of your friends in blog land.


A Cuban In London said...

Lovely post. Two of the things I have enjoyed on you blog this afternoon: the alliteration on your blog's name and the hot cocoa. We share the same taste.

Greetings from London.

~Babs said...

Have been thinking of you every day Suki.
I had to chuckle at the hot water bottle. I have what's called a 'bed buddy'. A long, sock like thing, full of little seed like things that you heat in the microwave. It's become my winter pacifier,,,Jack refers to it as "Bab's blankie".
He's right.
When you're thin, you tend to be cold all the time, huh?

human being said...

oh these are great comforts... all give one a sense of being hugged... perhaps it is what we all need when we are upset... a real unconditional hug... like that of a mother...

think i'll do it too on my blog...

love you Suki because of many things... one of them, the way you share your emotions... it's a very dear thing in this world... sharing is being human...

Debbie in CA : ) said...

I love simple comforts -- they comfort so simply. ; ) I am a green&black's+soymilk cocoa drinker myself. Dagoba's hot chocolate is also out of this world!

Enjoy the sweetness of each moment, my sweet friend. I am wrapping you in precious prayers from afar -- and comforting myself in the process.

Bloggy friendship . . . I honestly never believed it would be so sweet. I feel so young again with pen pals from afar. What a gift!

willow said...

I'm glad you are finding comfort in some of life's simple offerings today, Suki. I always find slippers and mashed potatoes so cozy.

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

I'm so glad you are finding ways to comfort yourself on these dark, winter days and nights. A nice mix is always good...a little fresh air and change of scenery too!
I prefer a cup of tea, I have an afghan I made when I was 18...it is a combination of reg. yarn and mohair in reds so it's really warm. Over the years I covered the boys when they were not feeling well...it's the family comfort afghan. I put on my nightclothes after dinner dishes, with warm slippers. Bedding...flannel sheets, comforter and a new memory matterss pad. Self care is so important!

Teri C said...

You have everything just right for comfort.

And yes, I think cildren's faces ar harder to paint and that is just me. I always forget they have shorter faces than adults.

Leenie said...

When I miss my dad I look at my hands. They are a smaller version of his. Some of the gifts from our parents--likes, quirks, talents, will go with us and then to our families. Stay warm.

chook said...

No I don't like comfort when I'm down, I like action! It exorcises the demons.

Mim said...

You've listed the things I love also. Warmth, comfort, hugs, friends.

Dianne said...

Dear Suki, I love your photo's of your comforters! They make me feel all warm inside. I am so glad you are writing how you feel on your blog, you are so generous with the way you share your feelings with your blogger friends.
Keep yourself warm and enjoy that cup of cocoa!

patti said...

I like to curl up in my bed. It's a cloud of comfort to me. Chai syrup is cosy, and warm thick socks in the winter time. Music, a journal and hugs from blogfriends. Consider yourself hugged! :)

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

They all sound comforting to me. Some of my favorite things. Keep up the hugs of comfort. You deserve them. Hugs from me.

sukipoet said...

Paula, thanks for stopping by.

Kim, I often drink tea too but cocoa is something I take up after dinner in the winter. Yes, a journal can be comforting. I know you love music. I forget to put it on...isnt that funny? Thanks for the hugs.

Hello a cuban in london. I am pretty sure I have read your comments on some other blogs. Welcome. Thanks for mentioning the alliteration. Happy cocoa drinking.

babs. Various friends have given me those seed filled things at various times. But I have never owned a microwave so couldnt heat them up.. The only reason to have a microwave besides popcorn I think. :)

katie jane said...

Pretty much the same things. Curling up with a good book in my favorite chair next to the fireplace. Mug of cocoa is nice, but I'll take wine.

I wish you lots of comfort and joy. Surrounding yourself with things that please you is important.

Cestandrea said...

oups, just began a comment which disappeared in limbo:)

Hi Suki, the things which are comforting you, look comforting to me, too. I like to sit on my bed and have a cup of tea beside me and a really fascinating book to read, if I have the nerves to concentrate. If I have no nerves, I may just stare at the wall, a painting, colour-spots, and try to relax.
Your recliner looks so very comfortable, and so does the slippers and the gas fire. Keep warm and safe,

Lynn said...

all your warmies made me feel comfy just looking at them. I'll add a heating pad in cold bed at night and/or an extra quilt thrown on the bed. Also curling up with a good book or my knitting on the couch also with my mom's knitted afghan on my lap. Or my cat, Henry V, he gives some comfort (if I do not want to knit).

Hoping each day gets a little easier for you. ;-)

sukipoet said...

Thank you dear human being. I agree. Sharing is a wonderful thing. I still have many lessons to learn about sharing more openly in my life.

Oh Debbie, you are so right. Pen pals from afar are so blessed. It is the same for me, I never knew blogging would introduce me to so many kind and loving friends.

Willow, mashed potatoes. I fixed those for MOm's dinner almost every night. They are so marvelous. I still have a few potatoes left from the purchase I made from a local farmstand this fall.

Blue Sky Dreaming, an afghan you made when 18! How marvelous and what a lovely idea to have a family comforter. So much history in that afghan. I love your flannel sheets and slippers and comforter. I just got out my down sleeping bag last night. It unzips all the way down so I can open it up and use it as a comforter too. Luscious.

Hi Teri, thanks for stopping by and answering my question. I find childrens faces harder to draw too though dont know why. Maybe they seem to come out more like caricatures.

sukipoet said...

Leenie, thanks for stopping by and sharing that. You know, my Dad's hands must have been small too. I found my Mom's wedding ring and Dad's too. My brother wanted Dad's. However, when I tried Dad
ring on it fit me perfectly.Mom's ring was too big for me. So my brother took Mom's ring and i Dad's.

Chook, i can understand the benefits of action when down. Definitely. I wonder though if that action could be considered your form of finding comfort.?

Four wonderful things, Mim.

Thanks Dianne. I was just thinking about sharing today. Mom was not one to share her feelings and experiences, nor Dad, nor my brother, nor my son. Hmmm. I think I had to learn to share by various therapies I went through through the years. Group therapy was especially wonderful in showing me that people care about what i say and think. I am glad I can share personal reflections on my blog, and also my artworks and ideas. Thank you.

Patti dear, thanks for the hug. I wonder why it is that bed feels like such a comfort. Mom spent so much time in bed those last few weeks. It must be like a womb. That's what bed, esp in the winter with all the blankets on, feels like to me.

Cris, hugs back to you and I hope your dinner party is great fun.

sukipoet said...

Katie Jane, thanks for sharing your comforts. I like a bit of wine now and again too.

Andrea, you are so right about the book being great if one has the nerves, but if not reading concentration doesnt work. I love to stare at the pond if its daylight . It is so interesting to me really, that at certain times of my life I can't read. I couldnt read for about two years recently due to the stress or something and was so happy when I again could concentrate to read.

Lynn, thanks for sharing. Ohhh, how could I forget the comfort my kitties have given me. It is hard to know if each day gets easier. However, the thoughts of how i might have better cared for Mom are fading (self critical thoughts) and being replaced by my stories and memories of Mom. my brother and i plan a memorial at Christmas for Mom and maybe his wife too. Not sure if it will be too heavy at Christmas, but this was his suggestion of a time to do it.

Lynn said...

I don't know if there is a "best" time to do a memorial. I figure when all the loved ones can be gathered. Yes,it will be sad; but it will also be a comfort. The one we had for Jim this summer was so healing for his wife and daughter...it HELPED. Not to say they got all better from it...

Glad you are so quickly putting aside the self critical thoughts of what if...or if only...etc. I remember those and sometimes still have one pop up, but have to remind myself I did the best I could under the circumstances...not an easy thing.
I forgave myself my could have done more thoughts...
I think you did well!!!!!!!!

Annie said...

I am with you Suki, I love a mug of hot cocoa too. Also reading a great book in bed surrounded by my 4 animal boys and when all else fails to cheer me I watch a wonderful film, like Amelie.
I am happy you are being kind to your self, it is so important right now.

studio lolo said...

Dear Suki,
Thanks for asking if I got the beautiful journal. I had left feedback on Etsy, but I hadn't given it to my friend yet until Friday night. She adored it!! She was touched that I bought her something made by someone I kept "running into" on the blogs. She also said to give you a hug from her and to tell you she's sorry for your loss. Like HB said, your mother will live on through your beautiful art :)
I wish I had kept your return address so that I could have sent you a card. I'm glad you stopped by the blog today to see the angel!

sukipoet said...

Hi Lynn, thanks for sharing about the "I could have done more" thoughts. I imagine some will continue to pop up for me now and again, as they do around the death of my friend Mort but I suppose that is all part of the grieving. And remembering.

Annie, thanks for reminding me about Amelie. I have that in VCR and may watch. It always delights me.

Oh thanks Laurel re: journal. You know I totally dont think to look on the Etsy conversations thing. :) Glad your friend enjoyed the book and thanks for your kind words.

marianne said...

It´s a good thing that you are able to take good care of yourself. You have to be nice and loving to yourself now. Good you know what and appreciate these comforts!
maybe the idea of so many people thinking of you can be a comfort too........
To me food is comforting and understanding

Warm hug!

sukipoet said...

Marianne, I wish food was comforting as I need to gain weight. I agree, the thought of all you beautiful folks out there in blogland does warm my heart and help me feel not so alone.