Saturday, November 08, 2008

What Now My Blogger Scene Two

I think it is my browser. I have been using Firefox for two years and I think something is up with it. I asked Cris to look at a specific post (Nov 5) for which I can see only two pictures and Cris saw the four I uploaded. (Just to verify that we were looking at the same post). That made me think it was not a blogger problem. (thanks to all of you who told me you saw all my pictures.)

Next I did a system virus scan which turned up nothing.'

Then I used the Internet Explorer browser to access my blog and all the pictures are there! So, I could now upgrade my Firefox browser to 3.0 I guess and see if that takes care of it. There are other problems with Firefox and google sites such as my igoogle site which will not load and my email which won't load on the standard version. So, sort of boring post here but that's what I've discovered so far.

As said above thanks to you all who responded and told me you saw all the photos. Onward.

photo: a gorgeous sunset two nights ago which this photo does not do justice to.


Kim said...

Suki, this photo is truly beautiful. I just adore the hue of the sky so much!

I am so sorry you are having so many issues with blogger. I have always thought I saw all the photos in your post (I do use firefox), but I am so awful with computers, really. It sounds as though you have been through everything I would know about. I can't remember if you said this, but did you completely shut your computer down for a while to see if it would repair itself? Sometimes, when I am having problems, this works perfectly. Or I have also turned my computer back to a time when it was working well and started from there. Other than that, I have very little to add to this issue.

Have a Beautiful Weekend!

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

wow if that doesnt do it justice it must have been gorgeous as that is beautiful.
It is always good to update things when they ask us too. maybe thats what you need to do. Frustrating situation. Do you know anyone who really knows computers to ask? Thats what I will usually do as its so confusing.

Annie said...

I am lost when it comes to computer stuff, I muddle along somehow. It seems you figured out tyour problem. Stunning photo!
Happy weekend.

marianne said...

I have no idea what the problem can be.......Hope you can sort it out.
The picture is very beautiful!
Hug >M<

patti said...

I have had problems with blogger from time to time, but they seemed to right themselves. Sometimes they are doing maintenance (they list when they're doing this on the blogger home page) which effects being able to see photos etc. frustrating!

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Hope you get your Blogger problems solved. The photo is beautiful...your sunsets must be so colorful!I'm having trouble with my camera and it may be time for a new one. Are you happy with your camera?

Teri C said...

What a beautiful sky!

I hope you get rid of those poltergeists in your system! I had one last night and I don't use Foxfire!

Lynette said...

Oooh I love sunsets like this and it makes the sky look like it's on fire. You captured that beauty so well in your photo!


Sure hope you got your problem all figured out.Of course I have nothing to offer.

Gorgeous photo,,,,the sky DOES look on fire!
(but not foxfire)

Mim said...

You should probably upgrade but I've found this same problem occasionally and when I deleleted and reloaded the pictures they were OK. In truth, who the hell knows how all this stuff get's posted anyways - so the fact that 1/2 of us can see them all is quite the miracle to me.

sukipoet said...

Kim, the living room faces west so I have seen some great sunsets. This one was extra colorful. I turn my computer off every night and if I am going to be away from home so it has had the opportunity to self-correct. Thanks for the suggestion though. I have used that method to correct some issues in the past.

Cris, you are probably right about updating when I get the message to do so. I have been ignoring that message from Firefox, which I have gotten a few times. My brother claims to be a computer whiz but I have a laptop and he always says, when i ask questions, that he doesnt know anything abt laptops.:)

Thanks Annie. I got so excited when I looked out and saw the sky. When I stayed at the Millage Colony for the arts, the poets there went out every night to look at the sunset. I was impressed.

Thanks Marianne.

Thanks Patti. I've had those problems with blogger too. In the case, everyone else seems to see the photos so they are only disappearing in my personal program. Thats part of the puzzle.

sukipoet said...

blue sky dreaming, I love my little Nikon coolpix L3. My only complaint is that I cant shoot animals and suchlike that are out in the field etc. In other words, it has no zoom lens. It does have settings for landscapes and scenery and many other photo options though. This camera was "reasonably" priced too as cameras go. With a zoom lens your price goes up to $500 plus I think.

Hi Teri, thanks for the good luck re: poltergeist. I have more work to do on the matter. I am avoiding the task of uploading the new firefox.

Thanks Lynette. I love the way the trees shadow against the sky too.

Babs, you are so funny. Fire but not foxfire. :)

Mim, I could try reloading with one photo just to see if it works.Thanks for the idea. the puzzle is though why I do see the photos when I use the internet explorer browser! Still, I know my little brain cant figure it out. You are right, it is all a miracle beyond human understanding.