Sunday, November 09, 2008

Hog Wild

The weather has been gorgeous here temperature wise, with rain y'day and sun today. Another art tour took place this weekend in NH. These are tours are state wide with sometimes long distances between artists so I just went to one open door studio about 5 minutes away.

This artist practices the Scandinavian craft of plaiting straw. I had met a woman on Cape Cod who did this and I bought ten of her creations to give as Christmas gifts. So I knew what to expect. I hadn't planned to buy anything but the artist was so delightful, her workroom so beautiful, that I went hog wild. Note: the items on the left and above the straw plait are made from birch bark.

The cards says "...originally fashioned as a resting place for the grain spirit in winter, today these ornaments are symbols of good harvest and good luck." This one I will hang in my bedroom.

The straw artist also featured work of several other local craftspersons. The woman who made this mug is also in my yoga class. As it turns out the straw artist also takes yoga from my same teacher, Josephine. This made me feel so....connected somehow. Not to mention that the men who built her new studio addition were people I knew when I lived here before in the seventies. In fact, my son played with one of them when they both were children. This too made me feel a sense of continuity.

I had seen this artists work last week at an art show, but I hadn't bought one of her pictures and as I kept thinking about them, I went to another art show featuring her work. This is a watercolor all in greys and grey/blues. I just love the effect.

I also purchased two books and joined a Vermont library. I had to pay as I am a non-resident. It was, for up here, a fairly large library and is only 13 minutes away. So, all in all, I felt I did a good bit of "connecting" or as they say "networking." I was inspired to do all this by a chat with a man in yoga class who mentioned a particular nearby Vermont town as a good cultural resource and he told me of a web site I could subscribe to to get updates on the cultural events.

That's how you find out about things. You talk to people. I know this, but had been unable to put much energy into doing so until recently. Oh, I had a massage on Friday too. I think all these things are accumulating into grounding me and hopefully they will lead me to finding some one on one friends.

Be Well, Suki


Chris' Shady Grove said...

Hi, I just found your blog. I love what I see and will be back to visit soon.

willow said...

I especially like the wonderful straw art that you will hang in your bedroom!

Glorious new header, too!! :)

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

I am happy to read in this post that you are feeling more settled in. That first year is usually for getting your barings... and you were probably wondering if you would still be there this year. So I am happy to hear you're connecting with people. Thats how it all starts, by joining something so you can get to know more people.
You found some lovely things and they mean more to you because of that connection you have going now. I am happy for you.

Kim said...

Suki, you have found some real treasures! I love the painting in blues and grays! The mug is great fun...and I hope you have filled it with some lovely tea today. The straw art is really intricate. I have never seen straw weaving in such detail. And most of all, I am glad you are enjoying the lovely weather there. Your posts feel so happy and brings a smile to my face to think of you enjoying your lovely days!

I wish for you another beautiful day on this Sunday!

Annie said...

You bought some lovely things. I am happy you met some nice people and got a sense of connectedness
:-). Happy Sunday.


Some super treasures!
I especially like the watercolor,,,,wonderful color effects.
So good to be becoming a part of things,,,I know that has to feel good.A sense of 'community',versus isolation.
Good for you!

marianne said...

Happy to know you have enjoyed your day!
And I can see why!
Wow what a interesting things and what lovely treasures you have bought!
I know the straw art (as I am Swedish) things like that we also hang in the x-mas tree. I remember also (christmas)goats made of straw.
Love the painting in grey shades, so delicate and well done.
I really hope that you will make some real friends some likewise spirits. It will make living there so much nicer.
Take care dear friend!

katie jane said...

Suki I am so happy that you have found some people to connect with up there. I know it has been difficult for you and sometimes you seem lonely. This is good. Stay plugged in.

I love your straw art. I have see this done before, but never in person, only like this; on the computer or in books. I like the message that came with the one.

Lynn said...

Oh I am happy for you. What a wonderful way to connect with people, through their art and to have artists living so close...I hope some do develop into long lasting friendships for you and them. Lucky them!!! ;-)
and a massage too! You are being GOOD to YOUR SELF!!! Yippie~

sukipoet said...

Welcome Cris. So glad you stopped by. I will try to stop by your blog soon.

Willow, I gave one of the larger straw pieces to Mom and the other for me. The little birch pieces are for presents.\

Thanks a lot Cris. I know it takes awhile to find like spirits. I hope I am on my way to more of it.

Kim, that straw weaving is intricate. When I showed my mom, she said..."You can do that too." I said, no way Mom. My hands cant get around doing small things like that and weaving is something I tried once and knew immediately it was not for me. I admire folks who can do things like this...small motor skills. Today was another beautiful day, but a nip came into the air this afternoon when I was out photographing and trying to make a seasonal arrangement in the flower box.

thanks Annie.

Babs, thanks for cheering me on. The inveterate introvert noses out into the world.

Thanks Marianne. The Swedish weavings seem so tidy and neat. so unlike myself and thus a balance to my knockabout ways. I love looking at them.

sukipoet said...

thanks Katie Jane. I didnt actually see this woman doing her weavings but I guess she sometimes demonstrates and even gives little workshops at least for children. It is not somehting i feel i could do. to teeny. Thanks for your kind words re: my reaching out into the world around me. They give me courage.

sukipoet said...

Yes Lynn. I feel like i have been being good to me. And I have so much more energy for others and for art as a result. Hmmm....what does that tell me??? :)

m. heart said...

good suki, it sounds like you an i had similar weeks, finally meeting some people to connect with. it's so important and yet can be so difficult!

i love that painting in blues and grays, it reminds me of summer twilight.

Mim said...

lovely weekend for you - how great. I obviously missed another open studio weekend but ah well....and I think it's great that you're connecting with people, and community. It's so good for you and your mental/physical health.

Teri C said...

I love that straw art. I have a mouse crawling up straw that someone made.

This sounds like such a wonderful day.

sukipoet said...

m. heart. Yes, this connecting with people is just so slooooow up here in the boonies where there are so few people and mostly trees. also, I had no energy to do so last year. Plus people up here tend to stay to themselves a lot I think. at any rate, it was a fun weekend.

MIM they do have a lot of these tours up here. This one covered the entire state with miles and miles between artists sometimes. I guess people come up and book a room for the weekend and drive all day. There will be two more tours at the end of November: Walpole and Putney.

Teri it was a great day. I love the idea of the mouse crawling up the straw. Fun.

human being said...

the Scandinavian craft works are fascinating... love them...

a sense of connection... that's how i feel when i touch wood...


sukipoet said...

human being, I too love wood. My grandfather made furniture and many toys for me out of wood. My ex-husband was a sculptor and in one phase he carved wood. It has so much resonance.