Thursday, September 25, 2008

Way Behind

I'm way behind on thanking Soulbrush for this lovely friendship award. It is true, that blogging creates friendships and bonds in many ways. I am so grateful for Soulbrush and all my blog land friends. I pass this award on to all who are reading this. Namaste, Suki PS Soulbrush has just made a large and courageous change in her life. Read about it on her blog. Yeah Soulbrush.

And thank you Mim for this wonderful ATC. I just love her face. It reminds me of Paris in the 1920's though not sure why. A lovely addition to my collection.

And from Katie Jane THREE, not one, cards sent in trade. Katie Jane is filled with natural beauty.
Love this quilt card. I admit it, I copied the idea of marking sewing lines like this on one of my barn board collages.

And the third card. My collection keeps growing. Soon, guess I'll try to find an album to put them in for safe keeping and easy viewing. Thank you everyone.


Kim said...

Suki, these are truly beautiful! You know I think the first ACT probably reminds you of Paris in the 20's because of her short hair and the dress pattern...what do you think? The others are truly beautiful, too!

And congratulations on the lovely award! You completely deserve it!

Thanks Suki...and you will be all caught up soon!

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

You do deserve the award. And what lovely & fun ACT's you got. I like that idea of putting them in an album.
I would love to do this but for some reason time seems to be flying and very busy these days. I think I took for granite Cons two good hands in helping with things around here.
sure glad you're back. Company comes late Saturday night or Sunday.

marianne said...

Wonderful cards Suki!
This must be such fun!

Annie said...

Wonderful cards! I really must find the time to get in on this.
Blogging makes it possible to make friends with people that you would never meet in "real" life.

sukipoet said...

Thanks Kim for the reassurance I'll soon be caught up. Sometimes I feel like Alice running on the same square all the time. Probably is the hair and dress and the pale white face too.

Thanks Cris. I often collect things into albums. And where are all those albums now? In my storage unit. Heh. Yes, I imagine we all would take for granted another's two hands until they are no longer able to pitch in as much as they used to. It must be so hard for you Cris, to adjust to the change and to take over some of the tasks, I imagine, that Con used to do. And often the prep for guests is the woman's task, as I noted at my friend D's house. She had that dinner for 9, two guests and also some relatives arriving from England just the day after I left and I seemed to note she was doing the majority of the cooking and cleaning and so forth. At any rate, give yourself a tea and toast break now and again. Be well, Suki

sukipoet said...

Thanks Marianne. They are fun.

Annie, it's so true about meeting friends I'd never meet in real life, especially friends from other countries as I so far have never traveled. I love it.

Kim said...

Oh Suki! How funny...I think you are right about it feeling like Alice in the dress with the hare and the white face in the square! How you make me is the ability to comprehend which makes it so funny!

Thank you Sweet Suki!

Lynn said...

I like this idea about trading cards. How do you do this? Is there a place to direct me to?
It looks like fun, the making of and the receiving of same.
Yours are lovely.
Are the lines on the crazy quilt sewn or drawn on?

I love your banner which I've said before and now I notice the light blue background is new too and I like it as well.

I consider myself one of your new friends, or you, mine! ;-)

Thanks for sharing the award.

Mim said...

It is so nice to see these ATC's. You can always join MondayArtDay ATC's to trade - it's great fun.

soulbrush said...

oh suki now i am blushing, thanks so much for telling everyone about me and my 'new' career! only starts in december but i have to be trained before then...exciting!

Karen Mowrey said...

You are really getting a nice collection of cards. Any ideas on how to display or save these? I have been keeping that in the back of my mind, really want to do something special with them.

sukipoet said...

Kim, your comment made me laugh as I meant the ATC with white face etc but Alice also has similar qualities. I was mixing two comments and came up with one I guess.

Lynn I think there are sites about trading cards. I'll have to check. I thought I posted one link in an earlier post but not sure. Just take a sturdy piece of paper and cut it to 2 1/2 by 3 1/2 and then paint on it or collage on it. There you are. My sewing lines are drawn on, copied from Katie Jane. Well Yes Lynn, I consider you a new friend too, though not THAT new as we met last October via Lizzie's big draw event.

Thanks MIm. I'll check out that Monday Art Day.

Soulbrush, you are so inspirational and brave, starting the new career, leaving an old one thats time ran out so to speak in the cycle of life. I love to hear about people's life adventures and choices. So individual and yet universal. Be well, Suki

sukipoet said...

Karen, I dont quite yet know how i'll save them. But i read on some website about albums to put them in. Or maybe, it just occurs to me, a little handbound book of vellum or clear pages into which one can place the cards. As a child, I had big scrapbooks into which I glued greeting cards. Tossed them years ago, boo hoo.