Thursday, September 04, 2008

Playing with Paste Paper

I've long wanted to try making paste paper. Here is a paste made of cornstarch, water and glycerin. I cooked it briefly and let it sit to thicken. There are a number of recipes. You can also use flour rather than cornstarch.
One thickened you add paint. I used acrylic. You can use powder paints. It's handy to have spoons used just for art for this. I do not have any. So used this stick to stir.
Put a couple of blobs of paste on a piece of paper. I used charcoal paper just because I had some. You can use handmade paper or just copy paper.
Spread the paste across the paper using a brush. I used one of those cheap throw away brushes which I forgot to photograph.
You can use any number of tools to make patterns in the past. I cut jags out of this thickish paper to make a comb. I also used a small saw blade, and a plastic clay modeling tool.
Some of these results I like, such as this one. Generally speaking I'm not good at repetitive designs.
One problem arose that I do not know the answer to. My paste was lumpy. It should be smooth. Maybe I just need to add more water and glycerin.
The bottom marks were made with the clay modeling tool that Babs sent to me.
When dry you can do another layer of another color. I may try some PearlEx gold or silver on some of these.
I imagine I'll be tearing these into pieces to use in collages or as book covers.

One of many recipes:
1/4 cup cornstarch
1/4 cup water
mix and let sit overnight

The next day add 1 cup water and heat on medium high. Stir until almost boiling. Remove from heat and add 1/2 cup water. Add 2 TBS glycerin or dish soap. Cover and let thicken. Should be like custard.

Place small amounts of paste in old yogurt cups or similar. Mix in two TBS acrylic paint or powder paint. Place sheet on paper on piece of plexiglass or on top of freezer paper. Wet you sheet of paper. Paint on the paste and decorate as shown.


Mary Richmond said...

this looks like so much fun!

Kim said...

so this is cool...I love the colors and the patterns. Basically you place this paste over any paper you have to create art paper! Now how cool is that?

Suki, I Crown You The" Queen of Paper!" Although, I have no idea what gives me that right, but I will do it anyway! :)

Thanks dear friend!

m. heart said...

i bet a thick coat of this must be a wonderful texture when dry. i'll have to add this to my winter "to do" list...

San said...

What a gorgeous blue!

All of the colors in fact are luscious. Makes me want to stir some ooey gooey paste paper.

When you have a chance, run over to my place, Suki. It's my birthday today!

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Hey who said only kids can play with paint and paste? This looks like lots of fun as well as being very creative. Maybe getting the lumps out is like making gravy and keeping the lumps out of it. and if you figure that out let me know! :)))
I can see many projects in the future from these.

Annie said...

Suki, this is amazing yesterday I started a series of paintings called the Sea Series and I used a comb through the plaster to make waves :-). Great minds think alike.

Natalya said...

this looks like fun! might have to give it a try..

Claudia said...

Dear Suki,
thank you so much for your kind comments on my blog, especially the new one! I'm so glad y o u made the first comment on it.
Love the paper you made; have to try out something similar; thank you, too, for the recipe.
Kind regards from

Honour said...

oh - that's neat! you can use it in your collages. I envy your freedom in expressing yourself with colors. I'm shy in that area.

I love the new picture at the top; looking down on buddha. I think he'd like that.

marianne said...

Haha I have read it twice and still don`t get it.......
It looks like fun. What is paste paper? Is it a way to make paper or to decorate paper?
I wonder how it looks wwheen dry....

sukipoet said...

Mary, this is fun. Would be fun to do with kids.

Kim, thanks. The paper you use must have some sort of sizing in it so it doesnt dissolve with the water/paste but otherwise you can use anything. I am going to try it again and strain my paste before using to try to get out the lumps.

Well, M. I think it can be rather smooth actually if you get the lumps out. My paper is drying slowly due to it is very damp in the room where I'm drying it. I should hang it up on the line.

San, it is fun. I wonder if you can do it on a canvas. That's be fun to try. Happy Birthday to you!

Cris thanks. I do love to play. Maybe if I continue doing this I'll get better at the pattern making.

Annie, your sea series sounds interesting. Lots of "s's" in that sentence. Can't wait to see it. SSSSSSSuki

Natalya, your girls might like to do this too.

Hi Claudia, am enjoying your new blog and dreaming of that spot by the sea. Thanks for stopping by.

HOnor, I always find when I decorate paper like this or in other ways that it is infinetly useful.

Marianne, paste paper is just a way to decorate a blank sheet of paper so you can use it for bookcovers or collages. You can use a sheet of typing paper, or handmade paper or any blank paper that won't dissolve from being wet.

Mim said...

I played with paste paper in art class last year. try forcing it thru a sieve, messy but effective. We had a blast making new designs and colors and always wanted to try "just one more".
Try the xerox type paper but the large size, that seems to work well.

soulbrush said...

these are so innovative.haven't done anything like this wither...will give it a go one day.

sukipoet said...

Mim, I had read about the sieve but was lazy. HOwever next time I will do that as the lumps are not good. They mess up the final effects. Thanks for the tips.

Soulbrush I think you'd have fun. maybe your art teacher would do a class on this. Be sure to use the sieve as Mim says. I didnt and weep. :)

katie jane said...

How fun! And you are so creative and clever. I love all your designs, although you say you are not good with this. I used to LOVE fingerpainting in first grade. This reminds me somewhat of that. Looks fun, I may give that a try.

sukipoet said...

Well Katie Jane I think of my friend S. who is amazing with designs and patterns and i guess i compare myself with her and feel lacking. One page I did use my finger to make the pattern.


Oh YES,,,finger painting! HAHA,,,,I love the look/feel of this!
I'm wondering,,,,,,tissue paper would dissolve when used? Bet it would, but this makes me think of making wrapping paper for small gifts.More I think about it, of course it would dissolve. Does ordinary copy paper dry really stiff, or do you think you could make wrapping paper with it?
So interesting,,,,and glad you could use that tool!

sukipoet said...

Babs, I havent experimented with different types of paper. The charcoal paper I used is probably too thick for wrapping paper, but you could wrap the gift in tissue and then decorate it with a square of paste paper. I used to always wrap gifts in tissue and then save calendar pictures to decorate the package with and they turned out lovely. I do think tissue paper would tear and dissovle it's too fragile. Not sure about rice paper though. I think you just have to try different papers and see what happens.

atomicvelvetsigh said...

wow! totally amazing! how did you discover this technique?! i should try this one day.. now time for a bookmark! i sure dont wanna lose this recipe!

sukipoet said...

atomicvelvetsigh, I had read about past paper through the years. I found this recipe on the internet but have found others in books. One thing, be sure to STRAIN the paste mixture before using. That should eliminate the lumps.