Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Last night's dream. I am living with a difficult man and decide to leave, taking only a few papers. I walk across a field by a river. A HUGE ocean liner starts down the river. I know there will be a surge of water and start running. Indeed, soon the field is covered with water. I fly above it still clutching my papers. The dream woke me up. I have had water surge dreams before and I associate them with a buildup of overwhelming emotions within.

A few interesting posts. Natalya has posted her summer journals. She was travelling in Russia this summer but she still sewed her journals. Yes, these are not written journals, but small sewn quilts (my word). Lovely.
Chewy is making digital mandalas. Here is a thistle.
And Mary Ann has written about her adult muse (vs her younger muse) in thought provoking and poetic prose .

photos: flowers from my garden and trees showing hints of color


Cestandrea said...

Lovely pictures, Suki,and the dream sounds a bit overwhelming, yes. I'm glad you could fly! Oh, how good that we have this option, in our dreams, although my flying in my dreams is often clumsy and I'm like the albatross in that cartoon movie:)
Your nature up there looks soooo beautiful. And trees already changing colour, they do it here, too, a bit early for my gusto...
I saw Natalya's journal, it is gorgeous, and will head over to Chewy and Mary Ann to have a look,

Annie said...

Suki I have an intution that dream
has something to do with your brother. I love all the flower photos.Have a great tuesday.

Lynn said...

The overwhelming water reminds me of Gustav in the news right now and all the flooding going on in New Orleans and other areas. Wonder if that influsenced your dream at all?

Lovely, lovely flowers and outdoor scenes.

I too will look at the journal quilts and other's blogs. Thanks for sharing it all.


Water dreams,,,always interesting.
Could certainly be as you said, overwhelming emotions.

Or watching too much hurricane info on t.v.

Anonymous said...

Flying dreams are a high. (tee-hee) I've only had one flying dream and vividly remember it. I flew over a green grassy hill and landed on a yacht. One year I had tons of elevator dreams. Thank you for linking my blog in your post. (smile)

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

I tried and tried this morning to leave a comment but it wouldnt let me. so sorry I am just now getting here. I agree with Annie and Lynn, the hurricane is on everyones mind and you need to resolve some hurt feelings with your Brother. Lovely flower pix.

Claudia said...

You made some wonderful blog entries while I was making up my new (second) blog with -hopefully- more photos...(I wanted to have a blog for paintings and another for photos and things).
You can visit it at:

Kind regards from

Kim said...

Suki, I have never had a water surge dream, but I have had flying dreams. I have had some really strange dreams in my life, though.

I adore your photos on this post, Suki. They are so beautiful, and it sure does seem autumn is in the air.

Thanks Suki

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Suki, Thank you so, so much for sharing my name and blog with your warm and friendly readership...very generous of you! I love your photos....is fall color really showing up already?
Mary Ann
ps I still live in a trailer...only nicer than the first!

sukipoet said...

Dear Andrea, I have flown a number of times in dreams, moreso when I was younger. You know, I just love Natalya's sewing. She uses recycled things often, which I think is nifty.

Annie, I think you are right. And also the fact that in the last 3 plus years I have had to leave 4 different homes!

Lynn, I thought of Gustav too although I do not watch TV at all. I did listen to NPR this morning AFTER the dream and they described a storm surge that sounded similar to my dream surge. So maybe a combination of both family dynamics and reality.

sukipoet said...

Babs, you always make me laugh. As said above, not TV as I do not watch, but I did hear about it on NPR.

Chewy,what a funny dream, to land on a yacht. I wonder if the elevator dreams were fun or scary? I've had a couple of those too.

Cris, I have written out some things I'd like to say to my brother, or maybe they are good just in my journal. I guess there are still some underlying emotions about the issue however. Iknow i have to address them somehow.

Claudia, thanks for stopping by and I'll check out your new blog. You have been busy!!

Kim, my brother says the garden spot is on top of the old manure pile from when this was a dairy farm. Guess it's not my green thumb that created these flowers but cows of days gone by.

sukipoet said...

Mary Ann, fall is just around the corner and a few trees are letting us know it. Ohhhhhh, thanks for telling me so much about your house story. I thought you moved from trailer to house. Now I understand a bit better. there are retirement communities similar perhaps in Florida though I've never been to Fla. And most likely other places too. Hmmmmm. More thinking cap time.

soulbrush said...

i never remember my dreams...wonder what your means? hugs and wfs.

mermaid said...

I wonder if the clutching of papers is a story that longs to be told, and the water is a metaphor for something that keeps wahing the words away? Just a crazy interpretation.

sukipoet said...

soulbrush, at one time I studied dreams via reading a lot of books and even taking a little class. Basically a dream means what the dreamer thinks it means. Although some say there are certain symbols that mean specific things like a house meaning ones self. And other people's ideas can awaken an idea about meaning so it's great to have other's feedback. I wonder if you ever remember fragments of dreams. They say everyone dreams whether one remembers them or not.

Mermaid, I love to hear people's interps. Clutching the papers being a story needing to be told definitely resonates with me. Esp as i used to be a writer. I havent written in awhile and here, with Mom, i cant talk and tell my stories as she doesnt like to hear people talk. and the water washing away the words is interesting too. Hmmm, food for thought. thank you.

patti said...

I think your dream is related to your brother also. I'm always interested to hear about other peoples dreams. There's a 'Chagall' painting there somewhere!

Beautiful pics of flowers, I love strolling around your farm with you.

Great quote re:owning things.

The Australian Aboriginal people think that way and believe that we are only borrowing the land we live on, so we should therefore respect it and treat it well. It can never be ours to keep. It makes me want to go declutter and minimise some more.

sukipoet said...

Hi Patti, had to laugh at the Chagall reference. I just love Chagall and often look at repro's of his paintings whilst painting myself even though I paint nothing like him. I love the colors and layers of colors.

I think that awareness that things are just borrowed and will be passed on helps me not to cling to future ideas of what I may or may not have. Also helps me to pass things on rather than holding on to them. Esp love to pass things on to someone who wants the item. But I used to take lots of stuff to thrift stores to donate and also got a lot of stuff from thrift stores.

Honour said...

Thanks for sharing the postings Suki. I like it how Mary Ann is describing and sharing her muses. I've never thought about that! Something to think about ...

I also associate your dream (flooding water) with overwhelming emotions. The papers part is interesting though ... I hope you are doing well Suki this week, after all that you've been going through ...

sukipoet said...

Thanks HOnor. I can see that I am learning about emotions and life at this time. Or relearning or whatever. I may do a post about it. Thanks for your good wishes.