Friday, September 05, 2008

Night Sky

When I saw the moon the other night, I ran inside for my camera. By the time I got outside, the moon was hidden. Still, you can see a corner.
Dream: I am with my two college friends S and S. I am following them down a stairway under some kind of tunnel. I am carrying a weight, one of those small but heavy metal barbell kind of things. I carry it in one hand and with the other hold the handrail. We emerge from the tunnel into a snow filled land. There are three pathways. S and S take the nearest path. They jump into a huge icy puddle of water, swim under some ice and come out the other side and climb up onto a new pathway.

Brr, I think. I hate the cold. I don't want to go that way. I am not going to jump into the ice.

In one sense this is obvious. I feel I am carrying a heavy weight. I must find my own path, not just follow others. On the other hand, weight might mean wait. I must wait awhile before I find the path that is right for me. A time of waiting is what I feel I am in.


Annie said...

I am no good with dreams, but this one seems meaningful to your life right now. Cool photos :-). Have a wonderful weekend Suki.

Kim said...

Suki, I think, from what you have shared, you have hit the meaning of this dream perfectly. You are really good at this...

I always find one of my greatest challenges is being patient, but I am also very rewarded when I can be more patient.

And Suki, thank you for reminding me of so many important things which are important in life.

Have a Lovely Weekend!

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Great photos. Interesting dream. I dont remember mine. Maybe I dont dream? hmmm
Love to see the moon on a night like you photographed.

sukipoet said...

Annie, thanks for stopping by. I am not sure I know why I'm sharing these dreams except they seem energized to me (as opposed to all the dreams I forget.)

Kim, I just had another thought though about "waiting." Maybe the dream is saying I SHOULD plunge into some new path despite the icy waters as my usual tendency is to not plunge in but to wait. I tend to be tooo patient and wait too long and lose out on good things happening.

Cris the last couple of nights have been so beautiful and the sunset that night of the photos was stupendous.

Kim said...

Suki, so what feels right? What does your intuition tell you the message might be?

I love how you step back from this and look at it from all sides...

soulbrush said...

magnificent sky. 'waiting' is an okay place to be...not going back or forward or anywhere, perfect place to be...for now.

sukipoet said...

KIm, it's hard to access my intuition clearly as my thinking mind is stepping in now. Actually, it could be both interpretations. I need to wait right now ( in the dream I said to myself I am NOT plunging into that icy water) but when the right challenge arises I need to throw down the weight and plunge even if it looks like I'm plunging into icy water. I need to face the "demon" so to speak, close my eyes and plunge. And maybe it will turn out the water isnt as icy as I feared.

Truthfully I wish I could plunge right now (in real life) as I am feeling some plunge energy but yet I still feel I want to help out with Mom for many practical reasons both for her and for me.

thanks soulbrush. That's true, when waiting although one isnt going forward one also isnt going backward. Threshold I guess.

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Suki, Quite an intereting dream. Isn't there a Gestalt method of "being" and speaking from the players in the dream? Such as "being" the icy water, "being" the heavy weight speaking from that perspective. You own your dream and you are the best at interpretation. Blogging has so many rich levels of communication, great to have you share the dream. Mary Ann

patti said...

It may mean you know the changes that you need to make, but haven't summoned up the courage yet. It is prudent to wait.

A beautiful moon.

Cestandrea said...

Beautiful beautiful pictures, Suki. And it reminds me also of the wild turkey picture from behind your house, with the little house far in front of the already colour-changing wood, I still have this on the screen at survivaljob:)
And the dream: so interesting where the unconcsious leads us, and makes us understand or at least guess our feelings, the hidden ones I mean!
Have a wonderful weekend,

sukipoet said...

Mary Ann, yes promoted by Fritz Perls. That being each part of your dream. That's a good idea. I may try that. I think he also said something about even sitting in one chair to be one part of the dream and sitting in another chair to be another. Read him a long time ago along with a beezillion books on and about dreams and dreaming. Even kept dream journals for about ten or so years. I love it that we humans have so many aspects to our being. that this dream world exists.

Thanks Patti. Prudent to wait. Well, in the dream, I did wait. So maybe it also means i need to accept this time of waiting as precious in itself.

Andrea, interesting thoughts on dreams being a means to access hidden feelings. In this dream i felt fear (of the icy water), frustration (that I had to carry this weight) and hesitation to plunge in.


Interesting angles on the dream:
Weight or wait?

I can see you've viewed it from all sides,,,and know that when one doesn't yet understand,,,the very best thing is to wait,,,while remembering that the present is also a gift.
not missed,
by looking at tomorrow.
The now is all we really have, anyway.

soulbrush said...

keep thinking of the 'waiting' phase you are in, my little 'story' is this:
'if you stand in the doorway of life, you will always be safe and stagnant. it is only when you step out into the storm that you will grow and really feel alive.'
so, maybe you are waiting in that doorway and deciding when to step out again!i truly believe this and have said it often to people who are 'stuck'.

sukipoet said...

babs, thanks for bringing me back to the gift of the present moment. The other day I lay on my lawn chair in the sun and thought about my future prospect and felt miserable and depressed and a failure at life. Then suddenly I looked at what was in front of me, the beauty of the land, the clean fresh air, the fact that i am well fed, well sheltered have clothes and art supplies. What is wrong with this present moment I asked and could find nothing. The difference of my mood was so obvious and sharp. The present moment heals I think.

Soulbrush: what a great story, thank you. In my dream "the storm" would perhaps be represented by the icy hole to dive into. Exactly. Do I want to be "safe" or do I want to LIVE. much to ponder.

Honour said...

very interesting dream indeed! isn't it funny - whenever I dream about taking my own "path" - my high school friends always show up in my dreams. And, I noticed it's your college friends ... something about our early friendships that illustrate to us "mainstream" decisions, you think?

sukipoet said...

Honor that's such an interesting thought. I really hadnt thought about the larger symbolism of S and S being old friends (hey it was 1966 or so that we met). thanks for sharing your dream experience and for awakening some thoughts in me! be well, suki