Monday, April 07, 2008

sixty plus degrees

Wonderful warmth and sun though a breeze cools it off. I sat for awhile in the lawnchair for the first time since last fall.

This and the following collages were made on canvas with painting, gluing and sewing.

I have no idea what to do with them, how to hang them, if to hang them, whether to create a larger background canvas/paper on which to affix them. Will probably just let them sit around for awhile, as Andrea says "under my bed."

Did not like the cover of this altered book called "Elinore" so finally gessoed out the front cover and will try to rework it.


Mim said...

Oh, I like those pieces, they look like they should be hanging from twigs.
We are still cold weather today, I'm so ready for the warmth.

Cris in Oregon said...

You were warmer then us today. Feels good doesnt it. we have 2 more days of cold and spring arives. yeaaaa..
Love these pieces. they shouldnt be put under the bed. Nooooo :)

Cestandrea said...

Suki, I looooooooooove the picture, it is wonderful and so good together with your words:)
And I like the collages a lot, the fringes of the canvas we can see, and the colours, and indefinite shape of the things you painted and collaged on it. The two collage to me look indeed like a place where the sun is coming through, melting the snow and with it the people who layed frozen in the crystal ice for so long:)
I wonder what you will do with all these after their "under the bed" period,
Thanks for making me smile;

Forever Young said...

and i am sooo 'jelly-ass'. enjoy and that stuff is wonderful, love the green chair too.

Forever Young said...

how is your mom now? please post an update on her for us.

sukipoet said...

thank you everyone for your responses. The collages style is kinda new for me, using cloth and paper. I was inspired by an article in Cloth,Paper, Scissors which i subscribed to for one year.

Under the bed just because I need to let them rest in a quiet place till whatever I need to do next arises naturally.

Mim I do love to hang things from twigs and bamboo. when I made handmade paper wallhangings that's how I did it, so maybe that's a solution with the collages.

Cris, yes the warm air sure does feel good and we are to have more today and tomorrow. Be still my heart.

Andrea thanks for your lovely words. They do have a warmth about them. I love what you say about melting snow defrosting the people.

Forever young. Thanks for asking about Mom. OK Will do a post about her.

human being said...

These two collages are awesome... very very beautiful... when I look at them I feel my soul is hopping joyously.

Lynn said...

I am so happy the warmth is finally reaching you on the east coast. Enjoy the sun as it shines upon you .

Again you are into light colors and some embellishments that make the collages pop a bit. Fun pieces and even more fun if they are to be put away to let you think of more to do with them. Enjoy the process.

sukipoet said...

I like to think of your soul hopping joyously HB How fun

Lynn, yes I think under the bed is good and then when i take them out again they will look different