Sunday, April 06, 2008

Another 6 Word Memoir

When I first wrote my 6 word memoir previously posted (peace flows through my humming veins) I had also written two others I did not post. Recently, Patti tagged me to write a memoir so I am posting another.

At heart, I am a cat.


Forever Young said...

oh how adorable. i have always said if i were reincarnated i'd like to come back as snuffles (living in my own family). she is such a happy little girl. this is tremendous.

Mim said...

Thats a WONDEFUL 6 word memoir. Just wonderful.

Cestandrea said...

:) very lovely,

and: me too:)

Cris in Oregon said...

Yeaaa I can get to your blog now. Have no idea what happened but I had to delete old URL I had. phew.
Love your new memoir. Good one.
Thanks for sending me the link again.
Funny how I couldnt even access you from others blogs either.

human being said...

Hmmmmm.... apparently simple but isightful indeed.

very beautiful.
I was reminded of a short story by Hemingway, "Cat in the Rain"

sukipoet said...

I don't know that Hemingway story, Hb. Thanks for all the compliments but I have to confess, I stole it from my cat :)

Patti said...

Ah, so that's why you like to sit on a lawn chair in the sun!

sukipoet said...

Patti, its funny but just like my cats i follow the sun around the house too, inside when it's cold out. i sit in the sunny window. Mom pulls the blinds to block the sun. Hmmm.

marianne said...

Oh, this is soooo beautiful!
I can feel this one!
Cute cat btw! cats are the most inspiring creatures of all.