Saturday, April 05, 2008

A Saturday Walk

Some melting has happened in the fields.

Yikes. What are these green things?

The pond is still slushy.

Pussy Willows.


katie jane said...

Suki, I really enjoy your photos. You live in a very pretty area. Judging by the maple candy, I guessing Vermont? Have a happy weekend.

Lynn said...

Those green things might just be tulips! Can't wait to see.
How nice that spring is finally coming to you in your area!
Soon the sun will melt all that ice and snow away.

The pussy willows are lovely as are the leaves under ice. Nice photos.

Britt-Arnhild said...

This looks quite like a walk along my tracks :-)

Forever Young said...

looks like london today, snow melting and spring still trying to peep through.

Mim said...

No one understands a New England winter - except a new englander. We finally have no snow left...and the green things are popping up also.

sukipoet said...

Hi Katie jane. Thanks for stopping by. I'll try to find your blog soon.

Lynn I am thrilled by the spring signs. I also saw a robin that day. Couldnt get a pic though. Not as good as Cris or yourself.

MIm you are right. You have to be here. But Britt-arnhild too lives in the cold country. Maybe even colder than here.

Forever Young may the rest of your vacation be filled with sunshine.

Cris in Oregon said...

Oh wonderful green is showing there.. soon it will be lovely everywhere. worth the wait.
Thanks for the comliment on my picture taking. I think Lynn gets the best shots. :) but you do pretty good yourself so dont sell yourself short. :)

human being said...

Very beautiful pictures.
I especially loved that one with dried leaves in the frozen lake.

sukipoet said...

I esp like that picture too hb. Sort of like ice cream melting around leaves.

Cris, I can't get birds though with my little camera. Need a better lens I think.

standing on the edge of creation said...

Yeah spring happens fast but once it does it is breathtaking.You were here in 1976,you know and have just forgotten.
Nice pics.

sukipoet said...

Hello standing on the edge of creation. I clicked on your name but didnt come to a blog. Anyway, glad you stopped by. But what do you mean I was here in 1976? I actually WAS living in this area at that time.

marianne said...

at last, spring is coming your way!