Thursday, March 13, 2008


I rarely use the telephone to call out. And therefore I receive few phone calls in. That's okay by me. But on Wednesday, I talked on the phone three times and it was good. One was a call out to my friend A. to talk over the move of my furniture into my storage unit. I told him about my mom.

Second was a talk with my brother in which I had time to babble on about mom again. Not much time, as my brother also does not "do" phone calls, but it did feel good to be able to chatter.

Third was a call in from an old friend who talked about my mom and her mom now deceased and that was the cream on the pudding of a day.

Somehow when you are alone and your Mom is in the hospital it is good to talk on the telephone. Mom is expected to return home on Friday. She seems okay though very tired. They never figured out what caused the symptoms, but the symptoms stopped.


Cris in Oregon said...

I have the same phone. Exactly.. Except for the worn name and scratches. grin
I like talking on the phone which is good because I always had to call people for my Mom who hated talking on the phone.. except to me. And Con will not answer it even. But it is nice to catch up with people who are far away and not on computers. :)

Lynn said...

So glad mom gets to come home. She will recoup there. Wishing her all the best and you too Suki. Good that you reached out using that little telephone. Yes, it was a good time to make contact with the outside world and it sounds like it did you a world of good. ;-)

Cestandrea said...

Suki, I'm glad that your Mom feels better and can go home today!
I don't use the phone, neither, and do understand what you mean that sometimes in special emotional situations like that, it is good to have it and use it.
Have a good weekend, with your Mom back.

human being said...

Soooooo happy your mom is back home.
Yes, when our dear ones are away talking on the phone is more enjoyable.

sukipoet said...

Cris that's so funny same phone. funny too about Con. My dad never answered the phone either. I once was a social worker so I learned to use the phone a lot and well, but in my daily life rarely.

Lynn thanks for your good wishes and hugs. You're so sweet. And love you new quilting ideas.

thanks for your kind wishes Andrea. Oh, another non phone user. I so much prefer blogs/emails and before that hand written letters of which I once wrote hundreds.

human being thanks for stopping by and for you beautiful comment on a previous post which I want to print out it inspires me so but havent had the detail oriented brain set yet to do it. Blessings to all, love Suki

Forever Young said...

it was a day of 'connecting' about your mom, so the phone was there for you. i feel we need these devices far too much these days and am happy not to use my phone either. so glad mom is coming home.