Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Sap is Running

After visiting Mom at the hospital, I took a walk down a snow and mud rutted road on the farm to where a neighboring farmer collects maple sap.
The sap flows from the maple trees into plastic tubes and downward into this container.
It is clear when it comes out of the tree.
They were not cooking sap today at the maple sugar house, but here are a few of the machines they use to do so.
The sugar house was unlocked but no one was around. My camera batteries ran out so I couldn't photograph the outside of the house. I'll return another day to do so and maybe buy some freshly made maple candy. Read more about maple syrup processing here.


Cestandrea said...

Dear Suki, how interesting and the pictures are great! Is the sap running out of the tree already sweet? And doesn't it do damage to the tree?
Your sun there looks so good:) I wish we had it here...

Cestandrea said...

PS: I like the green background of you blog. I find the black always a bit difficult for the eyes.
But the green is soothing:)
Have a good day and again, best wishes for your Mum and for you, wandering in the frozen woods:)

human being said...

Dear dear friend, Suki.
I'd like to thank you for dropping in and reading my blog. I know the mood you are in and the feelings you've got now. But again you were so caring to remember us. This is really kind of you.
Suki, it's so hard to see our dear ones sick or thinking of losing them. But Sometimes a little bit of change in our perspective gives us some comfort... especially when that dear one is old. Think not about her sickness. Think of all the things she has had in her life. All the things she could see in life and experience... In Iran we say s/he's had a long life full of respect and grace.... This soothes our heart when our beloved ones are old and we think they are leaving us.
And I think this should not stop you from living... You say you have too many sick people around you . Yes, this makes one depressed. But this can remind you also of not waiting anymore and deciding to put all the things you have in your mind into action. Suki, do you remember you had a wish list?
Spring is near and your blog is already sprouting with green color.. Think of Blaize, your soul, ... she needs to grow ... water her wishes .. do not stop .. you have a beautiful young plant within you that needs water and care .. Suki... all these seemingly bad things are there to remind you of good things you have and you can seek.. go and catch them ...

The sap of life is running in your veins and needs an outlet. Once I read in a book that when you feel depressed, this doesn't mean you lack energy; on the contrary you've got lots of it ... just there hasn't been an outlet for it to pour out...
Wish you the best.
A big hug and kisses.
In Iran we kiss our friends each time we see them.

Cris in Oregon said...

Ah signs of spring. some green showing. This is facinating in how they make maple syrup. How far is the hospital from you?
You should get yourself another camera battery. I did and it's come in handy tons of times, especially when you won't be able to make up the shots you will miss. Of course you have to carry it with you. :)

Forever Young said...

what wonderful picture and such a good way to get some 'me' time while your mom is ill. lots more hugs and thoughts are winging their way to you.

Mary Richmond said...

ah, nothing like the running of sap to make a New Englander's heart warm to, well, about 40 degrees....seriously, how fun to be in the midst of all that! Hope your mom is feeling better and that all will be well at home again soon.

Lynn said...

I love the photo of the big pot in the snow collecting the sap.
Keeping your mom in my thoughts and prayers.

Cestandrea said...

Dear Suki,
I send you all my love, as I'm not so good with words. I just feel that the things you are going through rightnow are things that befall all of us, sooner or later. What is the sense of all this, we do not know. You are in my thoughts, and so is your family.

Forever Young said...

hows your mom today? hope feeling a lot better. hugs

marianne said...

Interesting Suki! I always use maple syrup for my yearly cleanse.
Nice to see how it is produced, thanks for the link
take care!

sukipoet said...

Hello everyone and thank you for all your wonderful comments. Andrea, not sure if the clear sap is sweet. And I don't know if the tapping damages the tree. They go on living just fine after tapping, but it's sort of like taking the tree's blood.

Human Being, a big hug and kisses to you too. You said so many beautiful things. The green growth within me, the sap energy that just needs an outlet, thinking of Mom's full life well-lived, all these and more are food for thought. Yes, I do think watching friends or relatives going through the dying process reinforces ones will to live and live fully. I have had numerous friends of my own age and younger die within the last ten years. All of these goings away, impresses on me to make each day special. You are so eloquent, hb.

Cris the hospital is half an hour drive one way. Forever Young thank you for your thoughts and kind wishes. i READ your giggles but havent commented, but you give me a good chuckle each day.

Andrea it is true all humans go through this process of birth, living and dying. To me it expresses the "absurdity" of life or the irony. We gain so many skills and hone our talents and "know" so much and then we fade away. As so many have done before us. But no matter what our differences, human to human, we all have these things in common. We are all born, we all live, we all die. It is one of the things that connects us.

To those interested in the maple sugaring it is kinda fun and exciting. The local farmer uses some of my Mom's tree to tap so it feels like we are contributing to the later pleasures of syrup, maple cream, maple candy. It is quintessentially New England.