Thursday, March 13, 2008

ruins, ice and a stack of books

Yesterday after visiting Mom in hospital I drove to a nearby town across the river. Here is a shot of the one artsy area. A few galleries, a cafe, and subsidized apartments for artists. At the top of the hill is a bookstore where I indulged in the purchase of five books. One was a hardcover. Yikes.

Also on the same street. I find ruins intriguing. Beautiful in their own way. The area has a lot of this sort of beauty. The town fathers keep trying to "revitalize" the town, and a few smalls spots get perked up, but a larger area is decrepit.


Desirée said...

hey..those are really nice pics..and i really hope you mother get well..Don't worry, she'll be fine..xD..BTW..i just love the image of the cat got scared..xD..jaja..anyway..i like your pictures..and I hope "read" you soon

Cris in Oregon said...

Missed you. glad to see Your Mom is doing better. Nice pictures.

Lynn said...

Oh, aren't you going to tell us the names of the books you picked?
I'd love to go vicariously with you through that bookstore in the artsy area of town.

Cestandrea said...

Hi Suki, I love your pictures! Because now I know that there are little towns in NH which look like European towns:), I thought those narrow streets only existed here:) (I have only once been to the US, in California, where I never spotted little streets like that)

Your photo of the ruin is very beautiful too. I love the black window holes with the icicles.

Have a good weekend, and I hope your Mom is better!

human being said...

Yes, there are abundant beauties in the old and in the ruins.
Very beautiful pics.
Hope your mom is much better.
Kiss her for me.

Mary Richmond said...

Sad pictures, the way, linked to miss blaize in my blog post today! am thinking of you and your mom and hoping for the best!

sukipoet said...

Going backwards: Mary I saw that link to Blaize which sent me to the drawing board as I havent done any blaize recently. So I have one to post tomorrow. Thanks for the link.

HB and andrea mom does seem to be better though she is SO tired so much of the time I can't help but wonder whether something is happening inside that we can't see on the outside except for the tiredness and also the symptoms that sent her to hospital.

Andrea, if you were to visit Boston or Williamsburg VA or a number of other spots I'm sure you would see more little roads like this. Fancier too. I guess you didnt go to San Francisco as they say that is a very European city of lanes on curves and hills. Course I'm sure it's much fancier now than back in 1967 when I was there.\

Lynn, I fulfilled your request in the more recent post above.

Cris thanks.

Desiree thanks for visiting my blog and i"ll check yours out soon.