Thursday, February 21, 2008

Get my things out of storage

A friend suggested I be more specific with my "Life List" of several days ago. I was more detailed in my journal but I have taken one of my goals, to unpack my storage unit into my own home, and elaborated on it for the blog. Here goes. I am writing in the present tense as if this has already happened. I own a two bedroom, two bath condo in Chatham on Cape Cod.
I have decorated it in a fun bohemian way and unpacked all my boxes of books and knick knacks. My two cats live with me. I will live in my condo for part of the year. In the summer, spring and/or fall I will exchange my condo with people who live in places I want to travel to.

That said, there are different ways of looking at such lists. For example, Caroline Myss says ask not for specifics, but rather ask: "Show me the way." I like this method too, as one is not closing off by specifics but rather being open to the universal field energies to guide one. My mind is small and local. I ask the larger world energies to show me ways my small mind would never imagine.


Cestandrea said...

Wow. This is interesting. A beautiful process, too. A wish list in the present tense. I feel very attracted by putting up a wish list myself...
I send you energy for your's!

Cris in Oregon said...

Sounds like a nice future to me. Kind of like. IF YOU BUILD IT THEY WILL COME. What was the name of that movie?
Spring is coming soon. The snow will be gone. Things will be looking clearer for you.

Annie said...

I wouldn't be surprised if what you dream up comes true. Dream on. I used to dream I would find a diamond when I was scuffling through the leaves and lo and behold, I did find a diamond. It was my husband (he wasn't in the leaves).

Mary Richmond said...

Isn't this fun??? Can you see yourself there? (here?)

human being said...

Wow! You painted your inner self with your words.It's more than a dream or wish... think soon you will see yourself in it physically.

Enjoyed your word-painting and felt the energy it triggered... soon it encompasses all your life, Suki.

Forever Young said...

this is so real to me, we have to have dreams, or life is not worth living!

Kim said...

I like your way of putting things out to the universe and allowing your dreams to unfold...and they will unfold as you dream of them. It is true, "dreams are powerful". I really understand this method...good for you!

Your condo sounds wonderful, and you have a great plan for house swapping!

Enjoy the process!

Elizabeth said...

Fabulous house - can I be top of your list of people to house swap with please...? Only I may not be willing to let you have your house back again ;-)

Here's to realising your dreams to concrete (or wooden form) with panache! I call it 'Cosmic Ordering'.

By the way -

I've been looking at Morandi and Gwen John since your lovely comments - I knew of both and had forgotten both, so thank you very much. Gwen Johns are lovely, so delicate and subtle. I've always loved her work. I dismissed Morandi as boring in my 20's, but have now matured into appreciating his work. I think it is wonderful.
Your observations and suggestions have added more 'grist to my mill' and 'wind in my sails'. I'll let you know how it works out...

After 2 or 3 years of very intense highly saturated colour I am now very interested in tone and subtle colour. This change amazes me.

marianne said...

Hi Suki. Is this the house where you live? It looks so nice!
I would like to live there as well.
Cape Cod sounds like a fairy tale........
I always love to visit your blog and read your posts!

sukipoet said...

Well to start at the bottom of the comments No Marianne this isnt my house, just my dream of a house. It was being renovated in Chatham, Ma last summer and I've always loved Victorian style houses like this. I DO wish it was mine but I'd need about a million dollars to get it.

Annie, that is so lovely that you sought a diamond and found your husband. !!! I know it is the seeking that matters and what turns up is up to the universe. It may not be what we thought we were looking for.

Elizabeth, I think your change in painting style is interesting too. The exploration can only add more depth to the painter in you I think. Even if you return to the way you painted before you will return richer.

I think Morandi is astonishing. It does seem mega boring to paint the same things over and over. The same dull things I might add. But he saw the beauty in doing so and thus passes on to us his vision of the complexity in the simple or seemingly simple and the richness in things we often do dismiss as "ordinary."