Friday, February 22, 2008

The Adventures of Blaize la Palette

Everyone is having so much fun drawing stick figures and animals, I had to give it a try.

Yesterday, Blaize rose to see the sun shinning and the roads dry, even though it was only 24 degrees out. So she hopped in her little red car, drove across the river and into the next state.

In a hip town down river she shopped in a upscale yuppie grocery store, of a type rare in this neck of the woods. There she found the wheat bran cereal she prefers, kukicha tea and green tea, and a loaf of locally made bread.

At a book store she indulged in her weakness: two books.

At Swirl, a clothing and knick knacks consignment shop, she bought a small purse, though larger than the one she has been using. Perfect for the camera, notebook and pens she now wishes to carry. She bought a ceramic heart with a cat print in the center and an old silk scarf as presents for a friend.

Once home, she drove her 90 year old Mother to the library so she could choose some books. Good thing she did all this yesterday as today it is snowing again.


human being said...

Wow! Suki, this is sooooooooo amazing. The painting so cute and artistic... The story so charming...
The name so unique.
I can't wait to see the next part. How delightful to have various stick-figure series.

Mary Richmond said...

haha--I LOVE it!I know things may seem tough for you in many ways right now but from the outside looking in it seems like your creative self is really blossoming.....;-)

Cris in Oregon said...

Suki.. I LOVE THIS. how fun .. Now we have Andrea's Miss Doodle, the coolest best dressed girl in Paris, Lynn's Henry's day, Your Blaize la Palette and My Annie's daily Journal. Everyone is unique in its own. Andrea doesnt know what she started. Grin.

Cestandrea said...

Suki, how great is this story! I love what is going on here right now:) I love Blaize la palette! We have a nice community of little persons now:)
Have a wonderful weekend

Lynn said...

Oh what fun! Love your travels with Ms. Blaize la Palette!
Awesomely done...great pictures, colors, love the 90 yr old mom wearing the big rubber boots!
Too cute. Can't wait to see the next installment.

I love the way we are all bouncing off each others creativity!

Forever Young said...

hey this is great, so artistic, there has to be a book here for all of you with your doodles and henry's and blaize's. imaginative. keep it up.

Patti said...

Patti back again! I do really love these. I love hearing about your day in a story-line. I would love to read this in a magazine or newspaper on a regular basis. Please keep this going!

sukipoet said...

Well again, it is Andrea to thank. Firstly to come up with the idea of illustrating a life with stick people. And then for being generous enough to not mind that we all "copy" her idea (although of course not the drawings style. We each have our own drawing style.)

That you everyone for all this lovely feedback. Wow, makes my chest swell, not a bad thing as I've always been so smaLL IN that area!!!