Saturday, February 09, 2008


This photo was titled "Caucasian nature goddess with snake in her hair gazes out from a dream."

Last night I dreamt I was grocery shopping with my son. We filled two grocery carts with food. As he was checking out, I ran over to the frozen desserts and tried to find an ice cream cake. The only ones I liked were single serving packages. I opened one and the cake was mashed and broken apart so I put it back.

Meanwhile time to write the check to pay for the food. I take out the checkbook and it is different. The checks are for some specific payments to some company. I can't just write a check to the grocery store and fill in the cost and sign.

I am confused so go into a side room to read the check forms again. I see a woman I know down the hall of what seems to be a bank. So I wave and say I'll be right down. I pack up my checks and also some small doo-dads scattered across the table. I place them in a box.

When I meet my friend i show her the checks. Oh, someone at another desk says, you need the check writing brochure. Also the DVD. What, I think. I've been writing checks for years. I don't need a brochure or DVD. In the background I see a man from my high school and I wave.


human being said...

Your dream says you'v got a lot of resources... don't doubt yourself ... don't let others' words push you to doubt yourself... you know what you are doing...go on...

Cris in Oregon said...

Maybe this dream has something to do with what you want above. and How to get it. We all need a certain amount of money to exist in this life. and suddenly you cant use yours at the market. And maybe it has to do with you not wanting to do it all alone. Hense the man you know. and maybe I am way out in left field here. LOL

sukipoet said...

The man in the dream's real last name is French. Hmm. Maybe that means I want to go to France? Also, the idea of checks could be a pun too. The way I check myself from moving forward into what I want and need. (ie prevent myself). Or some other meaning of check, checking things out. Investigating.

If i want to have two full carts of groceries, I need to stop checking myself and holding myself back. Or something

Anonymous said...

OH, what a rich dream. Keep prodding and poking it...I think there is a lot it wants to tell you.

Cestandrea said...

Things are definitely not like they have been, they changed and you have to adapt.
It sounds complicated, funny the french name!