Saturday, January 12, 2008

Name the shield--vote or nominate a name

Another shield I made I called Athena's Shield. Now I'm looking for a name for this shield which is not yet completed.

Some thoughts for this one are: Lakshmi's Shield ( goddess of wealth, fortune, love and beauty)
Aphrodite's Shield (also goddess of love etc)
Kwan Yin's shield (goddess of compassion)
Other: your suggestion

What name does it look like to you? Vote for one of the above or suggest your own idea and post in the comments. Thank you. Suki


Cris in Oregon said...

Aphrodite's Shield.. I like the sound of that. I have no clue on any other names.

human being said...

This shiels evokes a lot of thoughts and emotions in me... It's a world within a world... a circle ...self; four directions; a movement inward... spiral; and a gem deep inside... I see it as a journey from the outer world into the inner world... a macrocosm in microcosm... so what about COSMOS?

marianne said...

Kwan Yin of course.................( for me)
I love her!

Lynn said...

I am voting for the first name on your list as this shield looks to me to encompass all those attributes, especially the fortune and wealth. It looks rich to me.

(an aside about my quilt you commented on: I do beleive I made this for Amy and it blongs to her and future generations of our family. I may have to make myself something like it for myself. We'll see.)

sukipoet said...

thanks all for your votes. I will keep them in mind as I continue to ruminate.