Friday, January 11, 2008

Process continues

This is the painting that had pinkish snow a few days ago. I actually like it the best of the 3 I have done.
Gold is added to the shield. Also a jewel and possibly pearls around the center circle.
I only strung half the strand. Small motor skills tasks are not my best activity and I become frustrated and have to take a break.
One page of the new altered book.


marianne said...

sights for a sore eye!

Cris in Oregon said...

wow Suki, You have been busy. I LOVE it all. The painting is my favorite of all too. I think the pink paid off as an undercover. I actually see pink in snow when it snows here. and the shield is coming along nicely and I LOVE the altered book. I love the colors and the swirls. That will be fun to see what you do with the other pages. or are there other pages?
Good job!

Lynn said...

Especially fun for me to see your painting now. Now that I KNOW what it feels like to paint a bit myself.
Well, I know what it feels like to hold a paintbrush tensely in ones hand and tighten up ones body and lay paint on canvas...a little bit. So fun to see yours and wonder how you felt when doing it and how long it took and how you decided what and how to do what you did.

The shield is coming along nicely. Do like all the added embellishments, pearls and bead and strings...that sparkle.

The altered book is pretty cool too.
Nice designs on paper...did you stamp these sprials on? Wondering.

sukipoet said...

thanks Marianne for looking at my craftworks.

Cris, yes there are other pages.

Lynn, for the altered book I made stencils out of paper to get the shapes.

I love to play with paint, the textures, the brushes and the fact that I can alter it endlessly. I dont consciously decide anything, just put on the paint and then stand back sometimes to see how it works. As it nears the end this process gets harder I think as maybe all it needs is a dab here or there rather than a lot of painting and I find that harder. I figure each painting is an experiment and a time to play.

human being said...

Yes that pink is seen in the snow and you have created it here so beautifully...
The shield is gorgeous and I've written about it in the above post.
The altered book is so delightful.. loved that so much, thugh I know it's not final and you are adding to it ..
Your creativity is praise-worthy, Suki.

sukipoet said...

Thank you hb.