Thursday, January 03, 2008

Dreaming the sea

It was -10, that's minus ten, degrees this morning when I got up at 7am. Now at 10am it is -2. That's why I am posting this picture of where I lived for the past 30 years. Course it is cold there now too but hardly in the minus arena.


Anonymous said...

what a beautiful, blue, blue sea.

Dear Suki, the snowman was a work by my kids and husband! we had a day of snowing yesterday and they decided to do sth with it! :D
As for the beads, (thank u for your comment, you are so kind) I was looking back at my childhood, remembering when I buried a chrystal bead from my grandmother's necklace in the garden.


Cris in Oregon said...

Those are lovely photos to see. I am really sick of cold weather & damp right now and we are not as cold as you. been in the 30ies and thats to cold for me. lol
But they say we're heading for the 40ies today. I would take 50ies and think it was a heatwave. Grin
Hope it warms up more for you today.

Mary Richmond said...

Just so you know it is cold cold cold cold cold here, too! And very windy! Brrrrrrrr!!!!! If I sent you a picture of the choppy, frenzied ocean today and the crusty frozen sand coated with a milky skim of snow it would make you so cold your eyes would steam....;-) All the gulls are hunkered down on the sand thinking about Florida.....Just didn't want you to miss it too much!

human being said...

And now I can understand how you miss that moving 'warm' blue of the ocean....
You should cope not only with the change of temperature, but with a change in scenery, colors ,and atmosphere.. many things...

You are both kind and courageous... you've done it all for you mother.. am I right?

Thank you dear suki for all your kind and wise words here and there in my blog.
My daughter says hello to you,too, and sends a big kiss.

sukipoet said...

Myla, that is so interesting about the bead you buried. Did your grandmother miss it? I used to love to try on my grandmother's jewelry when we visited her. Once I put on a pearl necklace and when I couldnt get it off I pulled on it and it broke. The pearls went everywhere. I just went downstairs and didn't tell anyone. But when I got home mu gram called my mother all upset and I was never allowed to play with the jewelry again.

Cris we are supposed to have warmer weather starting today, Saturday and on into Tuesday. Hurrah.

Mary, I think the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. the cold is always warmer too. :)

hb, I am here (in my thinking, anyway) to help my brother via giving him relief from having to help out my Mom. With me here he can concentrate on his wife who is dying. Course Mom benefits from my presence too and as I live in the same house she also has companionship, besides shopping and meal preparation. I too benefit financially as i am not paying any rent and rents are extremely high everywhere nowadays. If mom were to die I would leave this area. Or conversely if SIL died first I might also return to my home ground or somewhere warmer at least and let my brother take over again with my Mom's care. He lives here too right across the dirt road. :)