Friday, January 04, 2008


It was so cold in my studio yesterday that I wore, besides my long johns and clothes, a sweater, a jacket, a hat and these fingerless gloves. It never really warmed up as the room is not airtight and the heat sucks out through all the gaps.
So I just puttered with a few things, then left. I began a shield out of scraps of patchwork paper left over from the robe. I had just enough to begin this small shield. Next I will paint it.
The hint of mountain painting has turned into a mountain painting. Not sure what else to do with this or if I've finished.


Mary Richmond said...

It's true! It's colder where you are though our wind chill on the beach is probably close to what you're experiencing up there. Brrrrrr! I was just trying to make you feel beter by reminding you it was pretty darn cold here, too! Keep up the good work. I have to go work outside with kids now. We'll actually head indoors as it's too cold to keep little ones out for long. I think it's 10 degrees here--with wind. Cold enough for me. I have a friend in Burlington VT where the temps are often below 0. I get chilled just thinking about it....

Cris in Oregon said...

My hubby tries to go out and putter in the garage and doesnt last long. To dang cold & we're warmer then you all. Hawaii is looking good about now. lol
I like how your painting is going. Lizzi told me to just put the paint on and let it decide where it wants to go. Looks like thats what is happening with your painting. Good job

human being said...

First, the new sentences for pondering were great... they really gave me the urge to think about them from different angles.

The mountain picture is really peaceful and gives me a feeling of security.. the stability of the mountain the blue patch in the foreground.. all horizontals..versus the trees... and the chioce of color... Think it will be a very good one...

I liked the shield,too.
And how innocent your hand and fingers are...very innocent. :)

sukipoet said...

thanks Mary. I know it's cold on cape cod too. I just long to be there anyway I guess as the mobility is greater. Here, I go nowhere due to the icy roads besides there is nowhere to go.

Cris thanks for the comment on my painting. Its funny I have almost no ego attachment to my artworks, but lots of ego attachment to my writing. So I just do the artworks and if someone likes something that's nice and if they dont it doesnt matter.

hb. Thanks for the reflections on my painting. NOw, i like the mountain the best in it. My hand may look innocent due to the glove hiding all the veins and wrinkles and age spots. :)

ANDREA said...

You are very brave! Against all odds you paint and create lovely beautiful things! Thanks for sharing the process of the "altered-bookmaking"! I'll like to try that some time.
I send you warmth,

Lynn said...

I like this tree painting very much Suki. Love the colors, the forms, the way it moves/flows.

The shield is interesting use of your left over pieces from the robe.

The idea of you freezing in your art studio made me feel bad for you. How hard that must be. And frozen from writing too.
A frozen writers block.

I am trying to move along...bought more fabric today...silly me, then I pulled out some old scraps of things already used...and there's that bag full of stuff bought on vacation and not cut into yet...what's with me? Frozen too? I think so.