Sunday, December 23, 2007

Two new small wallhangings and the robe continued

Wall hanging number one with brown paper under it.
Same wall hanging with white or it could have no paper under it.
Same piece with green paper. Inspired by Sara's delicate felted and embellished pieces I am trying my hand at using cheesecloth with paper. Click on photo to see cheesecloth. This is a see through piece behind which I have placed different colors of background paper. I think this is the color I'll use.

A second cheesecloth wall hanging or possibly addition to the robe photoed against the dark rug so it will show up.
Addition of gold leaf (fake) and spirals to the robe. The russet squares are gone. The spirals will not be as obvious once covered with paint.
Changed colors.


myla said...

I like your works Suki, specially the last texture. And your snow photos, they are really great. The name you have put on your silhouette photo "Snow Crone", reminded me of the film Kwaidan and its first episode "The Woman of the Snow." :D


sukipoet said...

thank you so much Myla re: the wall hangings. And I will look for that film. !!! Best, Suki

Cris in Oregon said...

Lots of pretties going on here. I think I agree with you on the green cheese cloth for back ground. Looks like your using your beads you made. I had a hard time seeing them for some reason. the photos were a bit dark on my computer.
Love the colors of the robe. but then I am partial to those colors.
Happy creating. Looks like your being inspired.

Patti said...

The gold leaf looks very effective here.

Best wishes for a peaceful Christmas with your family Suki.

Lynn said...

and I like the deep blue and the gold...the cheese cloth very interesting to my the use of your paper beads in all stuff here.

Kikipotamus said...

Beautiful wall hangings!

sukipoet said...

Thank you all for your comments on my wallhangings. Myla, I can get that film via Netflix and so have put it on my list.

Cris, those beads have come in handy. I need to make more.

Thanks Patti. I love gold leaf.

Thanks Lynn and Kikopotamus. These need more work but they are getting there.