Monday, December 24, 2007

Happy Holidays to one and all

May peace and laughter be yours this day and through the new year. Did anyone notice the full moon last night? It was still shining in the western sky this morning. It shines on us all, east and west, north and south. A truly universal connector between you and I. I am blessed. Joyfully yours, Suki


human being said...

hhlpjlMy dear dear friend,Suki.
I wish you the best, too.
Wow! The way you talked about the moon... very beautiful and true indeed... a connector... yes...
From now on, whenever I look at it, I willl remember you...
and all the other friends I found through you.

And this masterpeiece you wrote on my blog:

F far or
R right next door
I in sad times and glad,
E every friend
N nourishes the
D days and
S salves the nights

Suki, dear , you call me a fount? Then you are an ocean... vast, deep and calm and so giving, hiding numerous gems deep inside. We should be good divers to find some of them.
Reading your poem, I sat tongue-tighed for a long time rejoicing the images you'd created... friends nourishing the days...salving the nights... this is so gorgeous...

Life is good... life is beautiful beacause of the freinds like you...
Sorry if I'm not as frequent as before.. I'm loaded with a lot of tasks in my real life now .. every now and then I just escape to come here to get recharged!
Lots of love and a big big hug.

human being said...

As to all the works you put here, i should say they really evoke feeling and thinking .. your wall hangings with that 'see through' feature... abstract forms... especially the one with green background... were all so spiritual... the same holds for your picture of the christmas tree here... those shining stars in the the darkness...

Also the qoute for pondering is marvelous.. this is the concept I'm fighting for both here in this virtual world and in my workplace and real life..
Thank again for all the good things you nourish us with...

clevelandgirlie said...

Yes Suki, the moon DOES shine on us all -- and thank you for reminding us of that. May you and those you love have a peaceful and joyous holiday and New Year.

Elizabeth said...

Yes I noticed the full moon, beautiful, connecting us all, across the skies.

I hope you and your family have a lovely Christmas together. Merry Christmas from England! Peace and Blessings be yours, now and in 2008.

Cris in Oregon said...

No I missed the full moon but will check tonight since there are no clouds out tonight. I used to think about that.. I look at the same moon as everyone else and that is pretty powerful. So now I will remember that and think of all my friends new and old looking at it too.

Lynn said...

We saw the moon, huge and yellow, clear clear sky...and I too love realizing we are all looking at the same moon from all around the globe. Why are WE not the presidents, and other rulers heads of state, etc as we are truly the peacemakers of the world.
Shalom, Peace, make peace not war.
Love,not hate.
Hugs to all.
And to all a good night.

Beautiful photos Suki.

ANDREA said...

Hi Suki,
just a little greeting for the end of the year (thanks for having popped up in my life:) and a lot of love, good positive thoughts and wishes and hope for the new year for you and your mom and your brother and SIL.

Kikipotamus said...

Joy to you in the new year, too!

sukipoet said...

Forgive this general thank you to everyone for your comments. Sometimes I get overwhelmed by reading all the comments and have a hard time reflecting back. But i appreciate everyone looking at the moon and all the kind things said about my wallhangings which just came out of nowhere. And I wish everyone many creative and inspiring days ahead. Blessings, Suki