Saturday, December 22, 2007

More snow pictures




Cris in Oregon said...

oh how pretty is that. those tire marks look like a cable knit sweater pattern. what do you think made the tracks leading to where?
Cool shots.

Cris in Oregon said...

meant to ask if you are still getting more snow there. Looks like fresh packed snow.

human being said...


gives our eyes a new perspective: the snow which warms us like a sweater, or takes our hands and lead us toward our future...

Lynn said...

My first thought was create photo for a collage~ Shows where my mind is.
Yesterday found a book on fabric collages for clothing! Will be making vest before long, wait and see. Awesome book.

Great photos Suki...good eye.

ANDREA said...

On the first look I thought it was lace! Great photos, I love them. You make the very best out of winter! Andrea

Kikipotamus said...

What fantastic snow pictures! I love photos of ordinary things, but esp where pattern is salient in unexpected ways. Like here.

human being said...


C caring
H hearts
R rarely
I ignore
S souls
T that
M may
A ask for
S support

I feel this can be one of the messages of Christmas. :D

The link below was send to me by a friend... thought you may find it interesting.

May the hand of happiness touch your heart now and always.

sukipoet said...

Yes, the ski people are very happy with this winter so far! But today, possibly rain so some snow may wash away.

The tracks were created by the pickup truck snow plow plowing the driveway.

I knew they looked like something. I thought waffles, but cable knit sweater and lace. Wow.

I love the suki poem human being. What fun. And then further down the wonderful christmas poem and beautiful wish. Thank you. I will soon check out the link. I am blessed with so many kind friends.

human being said...

Ooops! I forgot to thank you for your poetic and profound comments and the beautiful poems... this one was mind-blowing.. I pondered much on it.. thanks.

I hate someone
just because I feel I'm
no one.

sukipoet said...

human being. I checked out that link. A very good article. I didn't read it all but will return. And the photos. So beautiful. It is wonderful to see pictures of Iran that i would not ordinarily see. Thank you.

Patti said...

Gorgeous pictures of snow. Love the patterns.

sukipoet said...

Thanks Patti. I guess I never knew snow, which seems kind of blank and featureless, could be so interesting with so many variations on patterns and colors.