Saturday, December 01, 2007

Shroud or wedding dress?

I was searching the net for pictures of shrouds and this came up. I think it's a doll in there. Strangely, mostly I come up with references to the shroud of Turin.

I had a bedtime idea though. An image. Maybe this white robe I am now working on is a wedding dress. It could be my marriage to myself dress to go along with my wedding ring recently purchased. When I really got married in 1968 I did not wear a wedding dress but an rather ugly brown suit. We got married at the courthouse/justice of the peace. Just a thought.


Cris in Oregon said...

This picture gives me claustrophobia. yikes.
Interesting fact..My hubby & I got married in 1967 at the Judges Office or Justice of Peace over 40 years ago. I did wear a home made short lace dress I had. My Mom & Dad also got marred at the Justice of Peace & she wore a light gray suit and it lasted till she died.

ANDREA said...

Oh, I have to think about your thoughts. They are thought-provoking:) (I married at 46 at the Justice of Peace too, if that means that the mayor marries you?)
Be well (that is an expression you use and I like it very much)

Lynn said...

Shrouds...I do hope that is a doll, but it sure looks like a baby to me. Are you telling us your purple robe is a shroud?

I am raising my hand to say I too was married by a justice of the peace, in our case a judge when we eloped in 1985! We wore jeans and jean shirts! LOL

ANDREA said...

Suki, if you like to know who La Reine Margot was, in fact her name is Marguerite de Valois, look here:

sukipoet said...

Wow there sure are a lot of us who got married via Justice of the Peace or similar. Now Lynn too. Hmm.

Lynn, the purple moon robe is not a shroud. I had been thinking that the whitish robe I am now working on would be a shroud.

Andrea thanks for the tip on Marguerite de Valois. I'll check her out. !!!