Monday, December 03, 2007

A bit of painting. Snow. Saturday art fest

Pallet. A large glass dish.
Inside my paintbox top. I've had the paintbox since I was in junior high school. Top left a watercolor by my friend Frankie. Top right a photo of Vincent Van Gogh's grave. Bottom left a hand painted card by my sumi-i teacher Jean. Middle a painting by Gladys my grad school writing teacher who also paints. Bottom right a painting by Gael Mooney. Except for Jean's painting the others are post card reproductions of paintings.
Four to five inches fell through the night. Mom canceled her doctor's appointment so I didn't have to drive in it, but will tomorrow for another doctor.
It was cosy and warm staying inside and watching the snow fall.
I found this old sled up in the loft and put it here for decoration. Mom thinks it belonged to my uncle, Dad's brother Robert. Robert was a minister and published 3 theological books.

On Saturday I went to another art fest held in a huge cotton mill. A number of artists rent spaces there in which to work. They hold the open house only once a year. It was disorienting to wander around in this huge space looking for the artists as I got there early and not many people were walking around.

Afterwards I came upon an indoor farmer's market in town. There were live musicians, food vendors and little tables where you could sit and eat. There were potters, felters, jam and wine makers, bread makers and honey makers all selling their wares. It was one of the nicest farmers markets I've ever come upon. I bought a bottle of wine made from rhubarb. And sparkling cider for Mom's 90th birthday celebration.

Today I have puttered in the studio. At some stages there seems no point in taking photos as the progress is discernable to me but not to others. I found two interesting photos of robes in some of Dad's archeology books. One a linen robe from Egypt. Another a robe that looks to be made of patches like the one I am doing from AD 400 Peru.


Cris in Oregon said...

Sounds like you had a lovely weekend touring. Did you ever get to see more artists?
The Farmers Market sounded lovely too. Wish we had one like that here.
Beautiful photos of snow. wow
We're having a rainy day. Steady hard rain. So it's nice to be inside today. I finished a Rooster drawing and posted it. I need to find something else to draw and create.
Re: your comment on my blog..Yes It IS interesting how so many of us have been married by the justice of the peace or judge. Simple weddings. Need to find out how Lizzi got married. There's a connection here. ;)

On your paint Palette it looks like a blue boot kicking a football. ;)
You have so much here today I can't comment on all of it, but I enjoyed everything here. Thanks for sharing.
oh I got to see Van Goghs paintings in person in LA a few years ago. Wow. I was really impressed. In person they were so much better then what you see in books & with the full body of work it told me more about him. I loved every minute of it. We had to get tickets ahead of time & line up to get in it was so popular.

Elizabeth said...

It sounds like you live in a little corner of heaven, with so many lovely creative things and people to discover and treats at every turn. The snow is LOVELY to look at - what is it like to live with though? Do have special tyres to get about, or trucks, or do you not get out and about when it is really deep? (we rarely get snow in Devon, and then only up on the high hills, hence my ignorance).

I got married at the Registry Office (equivalent to your JP) - I'm on husband no. 1, hubby's on wife no 2.

I like your palette too - it is a work of art in it's own right! I think palettes are very interesting things, so personal.

sukipoet said...

thanks to all for your comments. Elizabeth, when I was young we had snow tires to put on every winter or chains you looped around your tires but now the tires are made for regular and snow all in one. I haven't lived in snow country for awhile. I don't like to drive in ice or snow. They plow the roads well up here though so unless it's a blizzard you are ok. Still, it's slippery and slow driving and you can skid off the road easily in some weather.
Think it's a hoot that so many of us got married at the justice of the peace or an equivalent.

Lynn said...

It's been taking me a while to get to everyone's blogs to check in. But such a delight to find the wealth of art here...I do love your photographs of snow the red sled half buried in snow, paints look exciting too and yes, colorful...Happy Birthday to Mom, 90, wow!!! I do hope she is feeling better soon...careful driving in that snow...I imagine they clear the roads well there...lovely old art from teachers and friends, and an art box/paint box from Jr. High school. How great that is! Your found farmers market buys sounded fun too. All of it. Great day!