Tuesday, December 04, 2007

A bit of this and a bit of that

Bird prints. I took a walk in the winter world today. Not too cold as the wind was calm. Refreshing.

Leftover corn stalks.

Did some craftwork today but makes for a boring photo. Glued up the top of the next robe. Decided to glue it in two pieces this time rather than one as I have no surface big enough to contain one. The moon robe I glued on a floor. Tomorrow I'll glue the bottom section. Once I put it all together I'll show a photo.

I also wrote a few solstice cards, wrapped a few books. This year I am sending either books I've read and enjoyed to folks or a copy of.....well I won't say in case one of my readers will be a recipient. No big deal around Solstice (my preferred celebration to Christmas even though you can't really get away from Christmas in relation to others.)


ANDREA said...

What a winter world. I love your photos, Suki, they are wonderful. the red barn surrounded by snow. the forlorn wooden posts in the snow, building parallel lines.
I can't believe everything is already covered in snow there!
Love your pallet too. I clicked on it and it opened in photoshop (that's what it does with all pictures on blogger these days and I don't know why) and I could zoom it in: that was one great abstract colour-painting:) Have a good day, Andrea

Cris in Oregon said...

WOW. WONDERFUL SHOTS. I especially love the tracks in the snow. We get deer prints in our back field. how fun it would be in snow.

I havent done much creative wise today. It was a warm nice day out earlier and we took advantage of it and doing errands. I spent yesterday sorting thru my photos for paintings to do. So I am creating in my head. One cant always show what they are doing till it is done. But we will enjoy it all the more when you are finished.

Patti said...

These pics are great. I have never seen or touched real snow, except for a small melting patch at the bottom of Mt Cook in New Zealand, many years ago. Our winters are so mild here in Australia, especially in the zone where I live. Really beautiful scenery!

Cris in Oregon said...

HI Suki.. How do you get igoogle? it would be so nice not to have to go hunting all the time to see my favorite blogs. Yours I subscribe to but it comes in late at night. so doesnt do me much good when you post it in the morning.
computers.. arrgh. grin

sukipoet said...

Andrea, I can't believe everything is already covered in snow either. Uikes.

Chris, when you click on the button at the top of anyones blog, the orange button with a dot and some curves in white, you are taken to the igoogle site. You select save to homepage I think, then I believe you have to register to set up the homepage. Then, every blog you want to have on your homepage you click that orange button and add it and they will all be gathered in that one place.

Patti, so incredible that you have only seen snow the once. It is lovely when it falls and coats the landscape. Not so fun to drive in.
Glad you enjoyed the pictures.

Elizabeth said...

I Love your photos too :-)

We like celebrating Solstice too, it feels more like THE DAY than the 25th is, but we celebrate the 25th too just to be 'traditional' (it is hard to escape!).

Lynn said...

Photos are again all wonderful, but I am picking a favorite, the one with the red house in the distance...love the contrast and curved road...would make a great "soltice card!" LOL