Friday, November 23, 2007

Rings and No art but ham dinner

Right hand with older rings most bought 10 or so years ago except for the turquoise which a friend's daughter made. My non-dominant hand.
Ring on my left hand bought today.

Perhaps my creative every day effort for Thursday might be the dinner I cooked of ham, sweet and white potatoes, cranberry sauce, Mom's green bean casserole, pumpkin pie and mince pie. Generally I don't cook a Thanksgiving dinner so this time I joined the rest of the country.

It was tasty and best of all three people representing three generations ate together. My mom, myself and my son. I am thankful for that and for shelter, warmth, books to read, art supplies and in-person friends and blog friends throughout the world. I am truly blessed.

For today, I have nothing. I went on another art tour but took no pictures due to the fiasco of my last art tour picture taking venture.

One artist was a quilter, Lynn take note. She uses white cotton which she hand dyes. The quilts were queen sized, contemporary in style. Beautiful colors. I didn't ask how much she charged for a quilt. I should have just for "research," as Paris Breakfast's says.

I ordered 9 books on Bookmooch for my son for Christmas. Bookmooch is a website where you can give away books you no longer want, get "points" and use those points to get books for yourself. I've given away a lot of books and gotten few so I have lots of points to use up.

I bought myself a ring from a jeweler on today's tour. I love small rings like this. The stone is a garnet, my grandmother's birthstone. Since I am left handed I wear most of my rings on my right hand but this one I am wearing on my left hand. So maybe I am married to myself, as someone Carla wrote on her blog.

Be well and thank you to all my friends.


Lynn said...

Well, I see ring buying as creativity! And the photos of same are great! Colorful.
Is this the first I am hearing of said son? His age? Does he live there? More?
Oh yes, do research...I bet those quilts were lovely. Am reading more and more about dyed cloth and painting on cloth etc. Getting inspired. New ideas.
Married to oneself sounds great to me too. Self acceptance it's deepest form. Way to go!

Cris in Oregon said...

How fun...Another art tour. Wish you had take a couple pix tho. Love the rings. How fun to have something someone close to you made. Bookmooch...never heard of it...will have to check it out.
I think I am having let down after finishing my painting. I need something else to challenge me, but I dont know what yet.
I didnt get me something drawn out today either. But did get something for my studio. I posted it. ;) A tour would have been nice tho.

Patti said...

I think it was Carla from Zena Musings who felt married to herself. Clearly you are your own person too. Your rings are just beautiful. I love to have rings on my fingers but get frustrated with them when they get in my way, when I'm doing things.

I am grateful for your blog-friendship also.

sukipoet said...

Thanks Patti for reminding me who posted the married to herself idea, which really struck me.

Cris--The art tour continues today Sat and Sunday and also another tour next weekend so maybe I can take a few pics yet.

Lynn thanks for your questions re: my son. He is 38 and he lives with his dad. They were in Missouri-- his dad's home place for years but now have move to live 1/2 hour from my mom. My ex(my son's dad) has another ex-wife in the area and a daughter with children so maybe that's why they came up here, I'm not sure.