Saturday, November 24, 2007

AED Mucking about with watercolor

Three hard things for me: landscape, trees and watercolors. This was the second painting I did this morning.
This was the first. Same scene. I like this best as it is impressionistic and free in form.
A piggy bank outlined in Rotring pen. This ceramic bank has no opening to get the money out. A friend gave one to each woman in our now defunct spirituality group. The idea is to drop in a paper with your wish on it, fill the bank, then break the bank to get the money out. You have to let some things of beauty go to reach your goal is one message I can take from that. I am still dropping in pennies after maybe a year or two.


ANDREA said...

Hi Suki, I like all three watercolours paintings, and especially the first one because of it's vibrant colours that "draw me in"!
The money bank is nice, I wonder which wish you put in?:)
Have a great day

sukipoet said...

Thanks andrea. I wished for a house of my own.

Cris in Oregon said...

Suki.. how fun.. I am not so good at watercolors either. But I got some and tried them. will do more sometime. I like your first one the best too. Cute idea of the money bank. Pennies add up. It is amazing but my Mom picked up every penney she found laying around on the ground and one day she had $20.00 to spend. It didnt take that long either as everyone ditches pennies.

Lynn said...

You have been artisticly busy!
Great colors in all three paintings. Bright, to warm colors.
I'd have a problem I think breaking the bank. Might just put in wishes, not money...and leave them there for someone else to find one day.
I hope your wish for your own home comes true.

Leah said...

i love the watercolors, suki!! and i've enjoyed your pictures of your studio visit and the adorable mugs you bought. i can see why you couldn't resist them! :-)