Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Joko Beck quote

To paraphrase: enlightenment does not come from improving ourselves, raising our energy, eating better, exercising and so forth. Nothing wrong with doing these things of course. But there is another point of view from which (to quote) "this notion of making ourselves into something different and better is nonsense. Why? Because being just as we are we're fine." from Nothing Special by Joko Beck pg 150.

So as we enter this pressure-pleasure filled holiday time, I say we are all fine just as we are. No need to prove ourselves by cooking perfect pies or buy perfect, expensive gifts or trying to fulfill some imagined happy scene. Whatever happens is okay.

Many blessings to all and may each moment be present and filled with peace and good will. Love, Suki

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Lynn said...

Thank You Suki for this very important reminder.
(Still glad I made the mashed potatoes and yams and clam dip already though. We will feast tomorrow and then it will be good to hear we are okay as we are, our fat little gluttonous selves!)
Happy Holidays.