Wednesday, November 21, 2007

OK Thanksgiving is soon to arrive.

I am trying to be a "normal" person and do this holiday thing. I will bake a ham (this is what the family wants, not turkey, make white and sweet potatoes and mom will fix a green bean casserole. I have already made a pumpkin pie and a mince pie with frozen crusts. I made some cranberry sauce too. That seems like enough to me.

Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate it. Be well, Suki


Cris in Oregon said...

Well sounds like your busy being pretty normal there. I would say all that your baking is worth a few days of creating... cooking is creating isnt it?
Have fun eating all that yummy food. ;)
Yes Day by day is a good way to live anyway. Who knows you might love living there again. ;)Or did you ever live there?
OK OK.. maybe not love.

Lynn said...

Sounds delicious. We are so fortunate to live with such abundance. I had such fun today pushing a shopping cart around so many frantic shoppers with their long lists of things to get. Especially enjoyed seeing so many men with the lists. Imagined the women at home cleaning the houses, maybe making the pies...It's a fun holiday. We'll be three. And over fed. And grateful.

ANDREA said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Yummy, ham sweet potatoes and grean beans!
And the pies! I never ate such pies, they must be delicious!