Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Handbound journal

DSCN0191 Handbound journal
Originally uploaded by sukipoet
A handmade book with art paper inside that I bound last spring. I had put a photo of it on Flickr and have just discovered that I can transfer photos from Flickr to my blog very easily. I left this book in the storage unit and wish I had it with me.


Cris in Oregon said...

Question. If your planning on going back to Cape Cod at the end of Winter. Will you need the line put under ground for your gas heater to the garage?
You might need to make a trip back for a few items you are missing by then if you stay. Isnt it funny how we miss our things.

Cris in Oregon said...

oh.. forgot the say that your hand made journal you made is pretty nice. Did you make it for writing in or sketching?

bridgette said...

hi! Thank you for visiting my blog. I just wanted to write back regarding your questions. We had attached lights under the cabinets so that they could shine directly on my work table. I also recommend Ott lights- you can purchase these at a fine art store probably. Or check dickblick.com. I have one that attaches to my easel.

Good luck with your transformation!

ANDREA said...

great book! I like the contrast between the white and black and the beads. Hope you get back your things from storage soon.

sukipoet said...

Cris: I'm taking the gas line in the ground as it comes. My thought of course was that line under ground would not come to pass as i"d be gone. I'm not going to worry about it as my future seems so uncertain that I can't plan beyond today.

If for some reason I actually MOVED here I think I'd get all my stuff out of storage although where I'd put it I don't know. Thanks for asking.

The notebook can be either for sketching or writing. Unlined pages of art paper but one could write on it too.

Bridgette: thanks for getting back to me. I'll look for that kind of light. I think i"m half blind or something as I need lots of light and prefer natural daylight.

Lynn said...

I love the swirls on the book cover and the black ribbons and the beads. Sort of reminds me of my B & W quilt...the beads being the polka dots on some of the fabric. Beautifully done. Use it good health when you get the chance.