Sunday, November 11, 2007

Moon collage for collage exchange AED

Done in the tissue paper mode. I embedded a magazine article about the moon. The article had some dark pictures. I don't like the way the article darkens the final piece so that light does not reflect as in the others. I had cut moons, stars and spirals out of rice paper and embedded them also but they barely show, which is okay actually. However, don't think I'll use magazine articles again for this style collage.


Cris in Oregon said...

Well I dont see anything wrong with this work of yours. I think it is lovely. If you dont like the dark you could just cut out the dark areas or look for lighter pages on the back side. I like the printing coming thru.

Elizabeth said...

Very pretty colours. It looks good from here too :-)

Lynn said...

At first I thought you used a sewing machine to make those lines all over the top. Then realized they must be drawn on. But they look like threads to me. I guess my brain is all threaded up by now!
A nice look to this one too.
All this talk of what magazines to use or not is interesting.
So much to learn here for me.

ANDREA said...

Suki, I like the colours of your collage, it looks great. I have always loved combinations of pink, orange yellow darkred. The threads give it a very special texture, too.

Lynn said...

Okay, so they are threads but they are glued in place?

sukipoet said...

thanks for the comments. The "threads" used in all this series of collages are actually fibers used to tie fishing flys. I know nothing about this process of tying flys however Elizabeth does. Anyway these are man made fibers which are shiny and come in different colors.

I glued them on.