Monday, November 12, 2007

AED Poem untitled

I have learned nothing from my years on earth.
No lessons guide me away from mistakes which
accumulate like outgrown but not discarded clothes:

dirty linen locked in a series of trunks
carried on my back from town to town.
I have lost the keys, if I ever had them.

I could discard the trunks, leave them behind.
Instead, in some stubborn grasping
I keep vigil over them,

thinking they will reveal the answers,
thinking the past has some significance
that will lend depth to the present moment,
that will explain it all, point me to the way.


Cris in Oregon said...

Lovely collage and lovely Poem. Or do you call them poems? Just think of all that will come out of you from wintering in NH. Like you're are on a retreat.

ANDREA said...

Suki, I just love this collage. It is awsome! The colours are so good to the eyes and the shape of it is just perfect. And you are a real poet. I love what you are talking about and how you put it in words. The words are in harmony with each other, as the colours of the collage. Reading your poem I feel as if had trunks like that too. Carried around from place to place. We all have.
Thanks for you comments on my "watching spirit", you made me laugh with the suggestion: "you could eat a mask":):):)

Lynn said...

This piece is so festive looking with its colored sparkly threads.
I too like the shape of it, the long narrow shape. And the gold.
Comes together very nicely.

The poem makes me think. I'll return to read it again a few times I think before it all sinks in.

sukipoet said...

Thanks all for comments on collage and poem. This collage was a throw it together from leftovers. Sometimes these intuitive, impulsive pieces come out better than the ones I lay out carefully. Odd.

Lynn, thanks for thoughs abt hanging my work on my nice Victorian linen walls. Most I'm sending away but there may be one I can hang. I like to have my work around me hung as I think it inspires me to continue on.